Everyone has the person in life that seems like they already have everything. Before getting all judgy and resentful (everyone has challenges, remember), here are a few fun ideas for people who are hard to buy for.rich-person gifts

  1. They might be wealthy, but they probably suck at karaoke. Get ‘Just Sing‘ for PS4 or XBox. You can always work on your performing abilities to blow everyone away at karaoke. $24.95
  2. Naughty or Nice Rafiki Bracelets from Me to We at Chapters Indigo help them look stylish while also helping others.
  3. The Erin Condren personalized Life Planner allows you to put special photographs all over the cover – and keeps them organized so they never miss an appointment again.
  4. Sugarfina Champagne pop bears are the perfect way to get rid of a mid-morning champagne craving.
  5. Fox Run Lobster Shears will keep them down to earth every time they get a great haul from their lobster pot.
  6. Remember that rocking party they had? Well, here’s where you can get a Replacement for that dish you broke..
  7. Every New England prepster needs a dress from Sail to Sable. The black feather number is one of my favourites.
  8. It’s been quite the fall. I can’t really think of any better response than this F Bomb Paperweight from Uncommon Goods.
  9. If you’re diet is getting blown anyway, you might as well learn a thing or two with these Planet Lollipops.
  10. Pinot Noir, Caviar tote bag. Even though I kind of wish it said Amarone, Buttered Popcorn. But whatever.

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