Millennials are a special group of people. Travel is important, as is social justice. Wellness and health rank high on the priority list, and they tend to inherently know what satisfies – so it can be scary to find THE gift for this generation. Here are our picks for millennial gifts this year.Gifts for Millennials

  1. One of my favourites this holiday season is the HP Sprocket wireless printer. It connects to your smartphone and instantly prints crystal clear stickers – YES STICKERS. It’s tiny enough for a purse, and the instant gratification after you take an epic shot with your best friend is endless.
  2. Who doesn’t get giddy at the thought of Shark Week? It can last much longer with this Shark Terror of the Deep Glass.
  3. The Matt and Nat Artigan Weekender is the perfect bag for people with a conscience. Available in a variety of colours and all leather-free – you may as well wish for a couple so you’re ready for multiple weekend getaways!
  4. When your mind is always racing with creative ideas, the Moleskine Harry Potter Limited Edition Notebook should never be far behind.
  5. What if you could wear something that helps you get the most out of your meditation practice by giving you real time feedback of what’s going on in your brain? OMG YOU CAN! Meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce symptoms associated with stress, depression and anxiety, and the Muse Meditation Headband not only keeps you motivated, but gives you scientific feedback on your progress.
  6. This Silk Wrapped soul bracelet sends a message even bigger than ‘I’ve got style’.
  7. Hip, classy and oh so Canadian. If only they made a Justin Trudeau Ken doll… the Hudson’s Bay Barbie is great for any aged big kid.
  8. If they like to film, record live and have more gadgets than you know how to operate, try the iOgrapher Go. It keeps the gadgets stable for a more solid recording.
  9. We can’t possibly do a gift guide without at least on Bergdorff inclusion, and this very personal item is what we covet this year. Three initial monogrammed Ring.
  10. Any shutterbug will tell you that the scratchy strap that comes with your DSLR is pretty nasty. Up the style and comfort with a Silk Scarf Camera Strap from etsy.

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