Anyone else play Pokemon Go as soon as the kids are at school and text the photos of the epic Pokemon you caught while you are traveling? I didn’t think so. In case you like electric types as much as we do, there are a few fun things on our Pokemon gift list.pokemon gifts

  1. Pokeball Mug – because if you’re drinking coffee it looks like you’re totally mature.
  2. Pikachu Sneakers – Seriously how could you not want these?! Catch ’em all!!! Yes. I do love Pikachu.
  3. They will never forget their lunch/homework/shoes again if they get a change to put them in this Pokeball Backpack.
  4. Yes. It was just released and it’s spectacular. This is #1 on my 8 year old’s list. Pokemon Sun and Moon 
  5. So I will admit – there are a few Pokemon I haven’t caught yet. This Nintendo Pokemon GO Plus Bluetooth Bracelet could help. Whenever a Pokemon is nearby, it emits an LED with flash and the device will mildly vibrate. You can then check out which Pokemon it is by looking on your phone and using the app.
  6. While we’re on the subject of no battery power on your smartphone (or were we?) here’s the Pokemon Go Powerbank.
  7. If nothing else will catch ’em, the Pokemon Hoodie will.
  8. You know – I am actually considering these. We have: Goldeen Underwear!
  9. This one is a total must – especially for those who are mountaineers or can’t get home much for charging. Powerfly backpack On Sale!!! $87.99
  10. The good old Nintendo 3DS is pretty crucial at a time like this. It comes in many colours but this lime green is pretty cool.

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