We don’t even need a gift to want to board a plane. But, well, ok. People who travel tend to know themselves and their world very well, so finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. I tend to favour minimalist packing, stylish plane attire, and good luggage. There are a few other traveler gifts on the list too…traveler gifts

  1. This Rifle Paper Co. Travel Calendar will help them dream of all the places they will go…
  2. You may not fork out the cost unless this is for someone very special, but this Trolley Case should give us all palpitations.
  3. This Travel Apothecary Set from Chapters/Indigo has the bonus touch of plaid.
  4. Travelsmith Prana Shift Dress: because there is nothing worse that looking bad while traveling. Except being uncomfortable.
  5. On that note… isn’t this Audrey Dress from Karina Dresses spectacular?
  6. I began collecting Fragonard Pouches when I was an exchange student in Europe, and every time I go back I treat myself to another.
  7. There is nothing worse than dragging your huge makeup collection, well… anywhere. This bite-sized Smashbox Try it cosmetics kit should do the trick.
  8. I am ashamed to say that on my last journey I shoved my Canon L Series lens into a suitcase stuffed with clothes. No more. My wishlist includes the Protactic backpack for your photography gear.
  9. Travel First Aid https://www.amazon.ca/Adventure-Medical-Kits-Smart-Travel/dp/B0026MRZQM
  10. You can never be too careful. Or stylish. This all terrain money belt has you covered. $18.95

    An Extra. Because I saw it and it’s AMAZING!!

  11. Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock with built-in bug spray. I know, right?!

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