I was in Buenos Aires recently and couldn’t keep away from the Recoleta Cemetery.  (And not to see the hoards of people looking at Evita’s grave.)  The sense of peace and solitude I felt was overwhelming.  The elaborate tombs are above ground and house every member of established Argentinian families.  It is their legacy.

As a mom I learn more and more every day about my role as a mentor and guide.  I think of my grandmother, my mother and my children and the long chain of influence we have upon each other.  I wear my grandmother’s bracelet, my mother’s scarf.  These small gestures ensure that I think of them and smile every day.

As we navigate our crazy lives with technology, a fast pace and instant information challenging us to slow down, I am noticing many shifts.  Martha Stewart Living is featuring more ‘home grown’ stories.  People are leaving big corporate jobs to pursue life-coaching careers, and families are exploring their roots through sites like Ancestry.ca.  We are paring down, giving attention to the past and choosing fewer possessions with higher quality and craftsmanship.

Even Coach, my favourite handbag company is offering a nod to classics from their archives.  Their new Legacy Bag collection is filled with pieces that give a nod to the past.  Brass fittings and soft leather create special bags that fit their name.  And I will be saving mine to hand down to a special person when I grow old.  I hope that I live a rich and kind life and when my legacy bag is treasured by a young woman, she will think of me and smile.