The problem with being photogenic is that as you age, every angle is no longer your best angle. People can now tell that I’ve had little sleep or have neglected to eat cruciferous vegetables recently. Thank goodness for digital photography where you can snap 100 photos to capture a decent face shot. And now? Thank goodness for Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum.

Estée Lauder New DimensionIt seems I am always trying new skin products. Whether I lack discipline or simply get bored, there are few that I remember to apply daily and most end up dusty at the back of a deep bathroom drawer. In our fast-paced, instant-gratification world, it could also be that I notice so little difference to my skin that my I interest wanes. Shouldn’t the claims on the package come true? Even after two or three weeks with these other products my skin still looks every part of 40 years strong.

Estée Lauder has always been a favourite brand for me. The smell of Youth Dew immediately takes me back to my mother’s hugs as a child. Later, when I met the man I would eventually marry, the first gift he gave me was a trip to the Estée Lauder Spa at the Toronto Holt Renfrew. These experiences have made me biased, or course, and there is a feeling of being truly cared for when I smell an Estée Lauder product. After using New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum for 3 days, I know that the magic is more than a scent.

Jill No Makeup SelfieApplying the serum for the first time, my skin felt like silk. Though I had bedhead and had just awakened, there was a certain radiance to my skin. (Yes this is a no-makeup selfie at 6am!) It was almost sad to apply foundation on top of the serum. The following day as I applied the product, the skin was firmer and more plump. The pro-collagen complex seemed to work much faster and deeper than other products. The directions talk of shaping technology including fillers such as Hyaluronic Acid, Fillagrin and lipids that give volume and fullness to the cheek area. I’m certainly not a scientist, but on day two I noticed a more defined shape to all areas of the face. This is the point where I began applying the product to my neck as well…

Jill Amery Morning ShowOn Day 3 I wish I’d booked a segment on a morning show. Confident and radiant, I left the house deciding I could now begin to lie about my age. This is not a product that I will be pushing to the back of the drawer. It’s one that I will continue to purchase and I’ll smile broadly for the camera – from whatever angle.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Estée Lauder via Mode Media Canada.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Estée Lauder.