When conversation turns to finances, I usually have one of two reactions; either my eyes start to glaze over, or I begin to experience bouts of anxiety. I’ve always been good at mathematics, but there’s something about accounting/finances/budgeting/interest rates that I have a hard time wrapping my head around. As a result of this, I put it to the farthest recesses of my mind and try to forget about it. Effective? Well, it sure helps with the anxiety, but in the long run all it is truly doing is leaving me unprepared for the future.

I was invited to attend an information session on finances, specifically tailored for Canadian women from of all walks of life. TD’s Your Story, Your Future program offers a unique conversation for Canadian women about goal setting and investment considerations in an environment that is convenient and comfortable for the client, whether that’s your living room or the breakroom at work.


While it may seem unnecessary to focus solely on one group of investors, consider that while women currently make up nearly half of the labour market, control 70% of household spending and are starting 4 out of every 5 new businesses in Canada, only 3 in 10 Canadian women have a financial plan. Women have tremendous earning and purchasing power, yet only 12% of us feel very successful with personal finances.

I’ll admit that with my financial anxiety, wine and appies was a bit of a draw, as was a chance to get out sans kids, but I also knew that this was information that I needed; for the future, even for the unthinkable. But I have a Master’s Degree in excuses ranging from lack of time, lack of knowledge and lack of finances to invest. Turns out, I’m not the only one.

Set in the TD’s flagship branch in Pacific Centre Downtown Vancouver, and catered by the Lazy Gourmet, several of us ladies gathered to sip, nibble and chat before sitting down for an interactive presentation. It honestly felt a little more like a fancy Tupperware party rather than an investment workshop, which I really enjoyed and appreciated. Investment Advisor Tracey Lundell had us all laughing and well at ease. These financial wealth seminars are best done in small groups for discussion and sharing of experiences, so go ahead and book a girl’s night, and serve whatever you like!

With short videos featuring real clients, opportunities to share our own stories and goals and step-by-step guidance I began to feel less intimidated and more confident in my ability to take control of my own finances. TD takes a holistic approach to your investments, looking at all of your needs, assessing the ‘what ifs,’ aims to empower future investors with knowledge, and the financial advisors will take as much time as you need to understand your finances and options, assess your goals and help you come up with an individual financial plan that is right for you and you feel confident in.


With statistics showing that 9 out of 10 women will have sole responsibility for their finance management at some point in their lives, it is pretty critical for us to learn about what we can do to be secure and meet our own financial goals. Whether your goals are to pay down debt, buy a home or save for retirement, mapping your goals out, identifying challenges and developing strategies to make your goals a reality is the first step toward a financial plan regardless of income; while some financial planners are fee based, there are others who are commission based.

I didn’t leave that evening with a personal financial plan, but I did leave armed with knowledge which has inspired me to take control and start saving towards my future.

Do you have a financial plan? If not, what is holding you back?

If you would like more information on finding a Financial Advisor, or to join/host a workshop, I know Tracey Lundell and Jillian Bryan would be delighted to assist you. For more information on TD and their financial products and services visit www.tdcanadatrust.com

I was compensated for this sponsored post, however all opinions are my own

TD Your Story Your Future Infographic
TD Your Story, Your Future Infographic (full size)

Helisa is a full-time mother and part-time writer. You can usually find her at www.bcmom.ca or hiding behind a cup of coffee.