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Empowering Women to Face Their Finances #YourStoryYourFuture

FAM, self By February 17, 2016 Tags: , , , , 2 Comments

When conversation turns to finances, I usually have one of two reactions; either my eyes start to glaze over, or I begin to experience bouts of anxiety. I’ve always been good at mathematics, but there’s something about accounting/finances/budgeting/interest rates that I have a hard time wrapping my head around. As a result of this, I put it to the farthest recesses of my mind and try to forget about it. Effective? Well, it sure helps with the anxiety, but in the long run all it is truly doing is leaving me unprepared for the future.


Maximize your Rewards this Hallowe’en

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Ahh.  October.  Just when you’ve eaten your fill of turkey, forked over a ton of cash for organic pumpkin pie ingredients and filled your house with harvest décor, you realize that Hallowe’en is only two weeks away.  Or maybe one.  (Your calendar is still covered in gravy splatter.)  The turkey coma is replaced by the end-of-October panic attack.  You create a list.  Lists are fun!  Until you realize that you have not one thing checked off yet.