If feels like we’ve already had 4 back to schools this year alone. Homeschooling during pandemics is tough, and trying to keep the kids on track is almost impossible. (Never thought I’d write that sentence!!) Here are some back to school (again) iPad apps for grade school kids can help get organized. Breathe…. With lessons becoming more fun and interactive, kids may find them easier and more organized than the traditional modes of learning.

My Homework: myHomework syncs across devices so you can easily access your classes and assignments anytime and anywhere.

StudyBlue: Make your own flashcards, or study from others made by experts and peers to test what you know

Quizlet: Quiz Yourself on your Knowledge.

If This Then That: I’ve been using this one for years, and the automation is exciting. You make recipes such as ‘if someone lists a Birkin Bag on Craigslist, then, send me an email right away.’

Google Drive: This is a good app for students to learn how to archive their work while also collaborating with other students on documents and spreadsheets on different school projects and notes.  They can access their work in multiple places from any computer and also learn how to use the cloud.

ShowMe: A free and dynamic creation and presentation application providing an iPad app to access the ShowMe database. It allows teachers to create lessons, provide remedial assistance and references for review by students and other teachers, allowing its use across different classes and subject areas.

EasyBib: Site sources quickly and easily.

Evernote: This is an amazing iPad app with a free notes service with loads of features such as text recognition.  We love it for organizing all forms of notes.

Now we just need an app that makes their lunch every day.


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