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What’s All The Buzz About Jenny Beavan?

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Photo Credit: Reuters/Mike Blake

It’s not surprising that two days after the Oscars everyone still buzzing about the display of fashion on Hollywood’s biggest night. What may be surprising is the lady getting the most attention is none other than Jenny Beavan, who took home the trophy for Best Costume Design. The twist is it’s not her award-winning designs from Mad Max Fury Road that has the internet all atwitter; rather it’s a dust-up about her choice to wear an off-the-rack faux-leather jacket and slacks to what is considered a traditional black-tie and formal frock event.


5 Makeup Products to Capture that Sun-Kissed Glow

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We all know that tanning beds and UV rays are terrible for our skin, but many of us still crave that lightly bronzed look–especially during the seemingly endless dark days of winter. Fortunately, there’s some makeup products that can help smooth the way without increasing your risk of melanoma.


Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Serum

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The problem with being photogenic is that as you age, every angle is no longer your best angle. People can now tell that I’ve had little sleep or have neglected to eat cruciferous vegetables recently.


The Apothecary that is Kiss and Makeup

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Kiss and Makeup isn’t your typical beauty store. An apothecary with a focus on local products and natural beauty regimes, this is one of the hottest beauty experiences around. I’ve heard that celebrities make special jaunts to the new Londsale location while filming in Vancouver, and with the new venue opening in Olympic Village in July, it’s now skytrain accessible. But don’t fret if you can’t come to YVR in person. That’s what the web shop is for.

sjal kiss and makeupOur favourite finds?

  •  Scarves and perfect-for-Coachella ponchos by Jackson Rowe
  • Bags by Lloyd and Wolf
  •  Happy Spritz
  •  Everything Rahua
  • Verso and Rouge Bunny Rouge (exclusive to Kiss and Makeup)
  • Sjal Beauty (The Canadian version of Creme de la Mer)
  • Blind barber from NYC
  • Ilya beauty, CV Skinlabs and rms beauty – (local brands and have exploded into the celebrity market)

rms beauty kiss and makeupPendleton ScarvesTata Harper Kiss and MakeupRahua Kiss and MakeupHappy Spritz Kiss and MakeupI bought some Creme Ancienne by Fresh that was hand-mixed by Monks in France – (I couldn’t make that up). After using it a month the compliments just keep rolling in. But more are always better so feel free to keep them coming. Or you can tell me in person when we bump into each other at Kiss and Makeup.


Tested: the Emjoi Micro Pedi

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I have a friend who is famous for foot rubs.  Excited to be invited for dinner, I asked his wife permission to ask for a quick foot massage, and she was very graceful in sharing her husband.  But when the guru saw my feet he refused to touch them.  Come on!  I haven’t had time to get a pedicure recently!  Dejected and sad I left with sore feet.  But I now have no more reason to be embarrassed.  This tool might be my new favourite beauty product.  The Emjoi Micro Pedi requires 2 AA batteries and eliminates the need for sharp metal callus removers.  It enabled me to skip pricy, time-consuming pedicures at the salon.  (Some find the spa experience relaxing but it stresses me out.)  Seriously.  As if I needed another reason to be a hermit at home!


Our 20 Favourite Beauty Products for the Summer

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We get a ton of products shipped to the office for testing and we try as many as we can.  So we owe it to our readers to share our favs.  Some are a tad racy, so watch out… Presenting Our 20 Favourite Beauty Products for the Summer!  Enjoy and be sure to add your own in the comments section.


Nordic Treat Hydrogel Face Mask and Eye Patch

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They had me at champagne.  The Nordic Treat Hydrogel Face Mask and Eye Patch contain champagne yeast which stimulates cell renewal, supports the skin’s repair mechanisms, helps metabolism and non-technically speaking – makes your skin feel baby-smooth.  It’s also a great excuse to accompany your spa treatment with some bubbly.  Just sayin’.

Opening the package, I pulled out a white hockey-like mask that was sticky when you remove the backing.  My kids stared and my husband chuckled.  I always have some new product on my skin and he never knows how I’ll appear when I’m doing a pamper session.  This felt wonderful and nurturing for the full 30 minutes and I couldn’t understand how the mask felt so damp on my skin without falling right off.  The formula is based on pure Artesian Water from Norway and the addition of Sparkling wine yeast, which is rich in anti-oxidant Glutathione.  Hydrogel is water in a solid form that holds all of the great nutrients and ingredients.  It feels cool to the skin and evaporates gradually, leaving the fragile ingredients behind.

The eye patch noticeably helped my dark circles and puffiness.  (Though the champagne I imbibed with the treatment probably didn’t help in the end.)  My only complaint?  I wish there were a full-body wrap.  Pretty please?

Disclosure: UrbanMommies was sent samples for review.

back to school picks for mom

Back to School Picks for Mom

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The end of August marks a special time.  (And not only because the fall fashion issues are so thick).  With the little ones returning back to school for a new year and a fresh start, Moms can’t forget that they deserve a bit of a refresher too.  You get them to school.  You’re the activity chauffeur and playdate secretary.  School lunch chef, homework enforcer.  We know that’s just a few of your duties.  Here are a few of our Back to School Picks for the moms out there.

Back to School Picks for Mom

1.  Shoes: Gentle Souls, (a Kenneth Cole brand) are comfortable, practical and stylish.  And if you like science, their technology is based on displaceable solids comprised of – deerskin lining, NASA developed memory foam called PORON, flax seeds pillows &  rubber soles. Bottom line, they are so comfortable!

What's in my travel bag

What’s in My Travel Bag?

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Our staff have been on the road a fair bit lately and wanted to know “what’s in my travel bag?” – so I decided to spill the beans on some of my fave travel friendly products!

1.  Black 15 in 1 Twice a Week Miracle Hair Shampoo (because I only like to wash my hair 2x weekly).

2.  Swiss Army Knife: Victorinox (a gift from my Mom in 1992 complete with initials).

3.  ‘the supernatuaral cream’ with SPF 15 and ‘the present’ foundation to smooth wrinkles from Philosophy.  Especially great when you do a photoshoot or live TV spot.  Skin looks flawless.

4.  Cargo Cosmetics Essential Eye Palette (The name of the part of the eye is actually embossed into the shadow so you don’t mess it up!)

5.  Joe Fresh Style Frais Sheer Lip Crayon in Wine (I get compiments on this 6$ product every day).

6.  Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea (works like a charm for jetlag)

7.  Diorshow Blackout mascara (So very Black).

8.  MAC Iridescent Pressed Powder (more luminescent than the studio fix and adds a hint of sparkle.)

9.  Olay Professional Pro-X Facial Cleaning brush (When you are too tired to wash your face this does it for you!)

10.  No! No! Hair Removal system (It’s like a mini laser to eliminate unwanted hair.)

11.  Kerstin Florian At-Home Professional Peel pads

12.  Make-up case: Missoni for Target

We’ll be doing a ‘what’s in the bag’ installment regularly.

Disclosure: all of these products were purchased by the publisher with the exception of Olay Pro-X, Cargo and Black 15 in 1.


Anti-Aging Hope and Miracles with Philosophy

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So I’m approaching a – scary – birthday.  Between that and having two kids under 5, I am feeling old.  Haggard.  Wizened.  Possibly starting to look it but if you repeat that to my face I’ll drop-kick you.  Deep breaths.  Just kidding..  (grin).  Having used a few products by Philosophy, I’ve never been disappointed, so I asked to try something ‘miraculous’ that would combat age.  (Insert Angels singing here).  I was sent ‘Miracle Worker’ Anti-Aging Concentrate, which you follow up with ‘When Hope is not Enough’ firming and lifting serum.  Gotta love the names.   After using it for a month (you only need a bit and it is lasting forever), I am feeling much fresher – glowing almost.  And that’s after a season of hard-core holiday parties.  My sun-spots are fading, I’m smoother, and I smile every time I read the inspiring sayings on the jars.  This one’s a keeper.