They had me at champagne.  The Nordic Treat Hydrogel Face Mask and Eye Patch contain champagne yeast which stimulates cell renewal, supports the skin’s repair mechanisms, helps metabolism and non-technically speaking – makes your skin feel baby-smooth.  It’s also a great excuse to accompany your spa treatment with some bubbly.  Just sayin’.

Opening the package, I pulled out a white hockey-like mask that was sticky when you remove the backing.  My kids stared and my husband chuckled.  I always have some new product on my skin and he never knows how I’ll appear when I’m doing a pamper session.  This felt wonderful and nurturing for the full 30 minutes and I couldn’t understand how the mask felt so damp on my skin without falling right off.  The formula is based on pure Artesian Water from Norway and the addition of Sparkling wine yeast, which is rich in anti-oxidant Glutathione.  Hydrogel is water in a solid form that holds all of the great nutrients and ingredients.  It feels cool to the skin and evaporates gradually, leaving the fragile ingredients behind.

The eye patch noticeably helped my dark circles and puffiness.  (Though the champagne I imbibed with the treatment probably didn’t help in the end.)  My only complaint?  I wish there were a full-body wrap.  Pretty please?

Disclosure: UrbanMommies was sent samples for review.