The end of August marks a special time.  (And not only because the fall fashion issues are so thick).  With the little ones returning back to school for a new year and a fresh start, Moms can’t forget that they deserve a bit of a refresher too.  You get them to school.  You’re the activity chauffeur and playdate secretary.  School lunch chef, homework enforcer.  We know that’s just a few of your duties.  Here are a few of our Back to School Picks for the moms out there.

Back to School Picks for Mom

1.  Shoes: Gentle Souls, (a Kenneth Cole brand) are comfortable, practical and stylish.  And if you like science, their technology is based on displaceable solids comprised of – deerskin lining, NASA developed memory foam called PORON, flax seeds pillows &  rubber soles. Bottom line, they are so comfortable!

2.  Hopefully you haven’t made it all the way through your summer reading list.  Ikea, starting in November, will introduce a throwback to one of it’s 50’s icons – the Wingback.  The new sTRAnDmOn wing chair and footstool will offer a great nook for reading.  Just don’t forget to pick up the kids.

3.  Holy Crap Cereal.  This is one of our favourite things.  Filled with organic goodness like hemp hearts and chia seeds, a tiny sprinkle on your morning yoghurt will keep your mind and system, well.. functioning very well.

4.  After meeting the Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart Living this summer in Miami, we’re completely hooked on the innovations, nods to cottage industry and desire to celebrate the essence of women espoused by the company.  And, well, I can secretly shove a few items onto the kid’s ‘Back to School Bill’ when I’m shopping at Staples.  Like the Avery sticky notes.  (And you can put them in their lunches with special notes too.)

5.  Make up Forever Aqua Waterproof Eyeshadow and gloss.  Seriously.  If you have time to put on makeup even once per day, do you ever have a chance to check it again?  Developed for the Canadian Olympic synchronized swimming team, this stuff stays on.  Even after the gym.  After a chick flick.  After a torrential downpour.

6.  Guinot’s Newhite Brightening Night Cream.  It goes on like silk!  Honestly, you will want to use the whole bottle because it makes you feel so smooth and princess-y.  But don’t.  You only need a bit.  Get your kids to make you feel princess-y.  Yes, it’s a word.  Acting at night when cellular activity is at its greatest, your skin ends up smooth and bright.