So I’m approaching a – scary – birthday.  Between that and having two kids under 5, I am feeling old.  Haggard.  Wizened.  Possibly starting to look it but if you repeat that to my face I’ll drop-kick you.  Deep breaths.  Just kidding..  (grin).  Having used a few products by Philosophy, I’ve never been disappointed, so I asked to try something ‘miraculous’ that would combat age.  (Insert Angels singing here).  I was sent ‘Miracle Worker’ Anti-Aging Concentrate, which you follow up with ‘When Hope is not Enough’ firming and lifting serum.  Gotta love the names.   After using it for a month (you only need a bit and it is lasting forever), I am feeling much fresher – glowing almost.  And that’s after a season of hard-core holiday parties.  My sun-spots are fading, I’m smoother, and I smile every time I read the inspiring sayings on the jars.  This one’s a keeper.