I’m not sure when I turned into an “old woman.” I mean, I certainly don’t feel old. And really I’m not actually old, just “old” according to my 21-year-old-inner-self. Thanks to genetics, moisturizer and the religious use of sunglasses outdoors, I am more or less wrinkle-free in the face department which means people don’t usually believe me when I tell them I’m 41. 41! That sounds so old to me! Even though I know it’s not. And I don’t like the term “middle-age” either. THAT, makes me feel old.

My grey hair, however, is starting to make me look old. And since I can’t avoid science or stairs, you’d think that colouring my grey hair would be one thing I could do to fake being not-old. But I don’t.

I have a ton of shining grey hairs. More and more every time I look. And even though I was a huge fan of colouring my hair when greys started cropping up in my teen years (yes, the genetics that gave me great skin also gave me premature greys), it’s now been about three years since the last time I made any effort to hide my silvery strands.

On the one hand, I stopped colouring my hair because it was very damaging to my delicate kinky curls. On the other hand, I’m cheap and hated spending all that time, energy and money at the hairdresser.

When I first started to let my grey hair take over I hated each and every one of them because “oh noes!” they made me look old. But as I get older, and certainly since I hit the magic age of 40, I’ve slowly come to the realization that I just don’t care anymore. Life is too short, and I’ve got way more awesome things to worry about than whether or not my grey hair makes me look old.


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 I should look old, darn it! I’ve been through a lot in my 41+ years. And I’ve got two small kids who are, no doubt, contributing greatly to each and every new grey hair on a daily basis. And sure, maybe one day (OK, probably one day) I’ll take the plunge and dye my hair shades of purple or blue (or both!), but until then I’m happy with the natural state of my grey hair.

My hair is longer and healthier than it’s ever been since I stopped colour-treating it, and I’m so very happy about that. And really, at my age, who cares if my grey hair is taking over? The way I see it, I’ll eventually turn into one of those elegant grey ladies who is basically Queen of everything that she is, says or does.

I’m good with that.

And hey, aren’t the younglings these days dying their hair grey nowadays? I’m told it’s a thing. Spending all their money on what Mother Nature has given me naturally. That’s OK by me. Bring on the greys!

Grey Hair? Don't care!