I admit – grandparents are super hard to buy for. They have been around the block umpteen times, and things of value are no longer material. That’s why we’ve focused on the spirit, the soul and the family. Please know that there are a few affiliate links in here, so if you purchase through Amazon we will get some credit that helps keep UrbanMommies running. Every item is something I would want to gift, so I hope you enjoy our 2018 Grandparent Gift Guide!

2018 Grandparent Gift Guide (2)


1. One of my all-time favourite companies is Lands End. And yes, I’m Canadian so I spelled that right. I recently experienced their sun hats, swimsuits, swim shirts and flattering jersey dresses in Turks and Caicos, but for winter? This cozy plaid flannel PJ set is what I want to be wearing! $69
2. The best thing ever to gift someone is a reminder of love and family. That’s where these Canvas Factory Prints come in. You can turn a photo into a great piece of art made of metal, canvas or acrylic. From $29
3. With this FastFoto FF-680W Wireless High-speed Photo and Document Scanning System, you can scan 1 photo per second, easily enlarging, restoring and sharing. $529
4. At the Mom 2.0 Summit in California this year I was introduced to the Aura Frame. For the grandparent who has no clue about email or printing photos, you can send images right to the frame so they always feel in touch with your family. The iPhone/Android app allows anyone in your family to share photos via WiFi without emailing or fiddling with USB sticks! $299
5. We all want to know our family history. This is a gift you can give them, so they can share and connect with you – a family tree. Ancestry Guide $64
6. Got a green-thumbed parent who gets frustrated in winter? The Aerogarden Sprout LED Herb Garden is just the thing. And it’s amazing what they may be able to grow in the comfort of their kitchen… $90
7. Whether it’s planets or far-away birds that sparks their interest, this scope is out of this world. Celestron Power Seeker Telescope. $120
8. Pattern is everything. If there is an ‘Old Lady who Wears Purple’ in your family, this is a statement piece. Pure Wool Winter Pashmina $37
9. Tea is the new champagne. Well, the daytime version anyway. With loads of healing properties, this Pink Paloma Grapefruit Sahara Tea is rich in antioxidants. $13.50
10. Got an old-school gamer? You can never have too many dice. Ari D. Norman Large Dice Tube. Barney’s New York. $178

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