Loving travel as much as our family does, this is one of our favourite guides to put together! From nostalgic luggage, to water purification straws and gear to make the plane more comfy, we worked hard on finding these ideas! Please know that some of these contain affiliate links that help our site keep going. Totally no pressure to buy a thing from our traveler gift guide – just keep up a love of travel!

2018 Traveler Gift Guide1. CO-Z Vintage Steamliner Luggage if the most reasonable I’ve found with this iconic look. $159 (two pieces)
2. I featured this one on TV, and it’s a staple for every plane now. I sleep beautifully!! Trtl neck pillow $30
3. Always make sure you keep some cash even if your wallet goes astray. Security Belt $20
4. These are the coolest. Camping, headed out on safari or exploring the mountains, you can always be sure to drink safe water when you sip through this straw. Lifestraw Water Purifier $25
5. These are great to maximize space in your luggage – just heed the weight because you can cram lots into these babies!! Compression Travel Cubes $37
6. Crying babies and snoring seatmates are no match for Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. $199
7. Finally! It’s waterproof! Kindle Oasis $249
8. Eliminate the oh-so-common inability to re-enter your shoes when you land after a long flight! Compression Socks $19
9. This is a new one, and what an idea – particularly for those of us whose feet don’t quite reach the floor. Inflatable Foot Rest $20
10. Poweradd 2-outlet travel Surge Protector $18

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