Generation Z is defined as people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000’s and makes up 25% of the North American population, making them a larger cohort than the Baby Boomers or Millennials, and we have made a 2018 gen z gift guide in their honour. These kids are growing up in a world not defined by geographical borders, where influencers are bigger celebrities than movie stars, and where dating is more likely to happen in a group than one on one. There is also a ton of brand loyalty, mem fandom, and a deep dedication to saving the planet. Here are our picks. For the record, I ran them by my 2 Gen Z boys and got a double thumbs-up. I learned so much from Trendera at the Beaches Resorts Social Media on the Sand Conference and needed to share! Oh – and a few contain affiliate links, allowing us to keep running this site and bringing you great editorial.

2018 Gen Z Holiday Gift GuideSupreme 1. Not only is this generation used to extensive travel, but anything with ‘Supreme’ on it will be a mega-hit. Luggage Tags $15
2. All Vans, all the time. This Peanuts Cap gives a nod to past trends and generations filled with lightness. $18
3. Even if your kids aren’t big dinghy sailors, the Pop Socket trend is still huge. These little mobile phone holders enable easier selfies and also help the phone stand on a table. Opti Pop Socket $15
4. The name says it all. And especially if you are Canadian, the toque is a must. Savage Beanie $10
5. Ever since travelling through the Amalfi Coast, I have coveted everything pom pom. And the younger generation is taking the lead on this trend. Here’s a cute one for any decor. Pom pom garland $18
6. Every one of these bracelets sold helps to eliminate 1 pound of plastic and trash from the oceans or coastlines. Plus, they are super-stylish. 4 Ocean Bracelet $20
7. Gotta love a meme. And what kind of kid wants a laptop of bedroom door that’s not covered in stickers?? Meme Stickers $12
8. The younger set introduced me to Kylie Cosmetics. Apparently, I was the last to know!!! Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit $46
9. I snagged one of these at the Beaches Resorts Social Media on the Sand conference. The instant gratification and clarity of the images is everything!! Fujifilm Instax Mini Neo Classic Camera $124
10. Kids these days are choosing to make their park presenting to the outside world. Whether it’s on Instagram, recording a gaming screen for YouTube or becoming a podcaster, we’re all for getting their style and ideas out to the world! Behringer Podcast Bundle $100

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