The next worst thing to not being invited to holiday parties is what blasted hostess gift to bring. Have no fear. Whether you have been invited to a Nova Scotian kitchen party or high-end dinner soiree, we have a few ideas. A few of the links contain an affiliate link, but this just means if you click it and then shop around, it supports the site and our team so we can keep everything running smoothly. So what happened last night, like the website crashing because we have so much content we ran out of space and the host wanted $1200 extra, doesn’t happen. But we’re back up!!! (If you are seeing this) and encourage you to check out all of the other guides at the bottom of this post. xx 

2018 Hostess Gift Guide1. Once I understood it, I adored chemistry. Anyone coming to my abode can definitely bring me this. Chemist’s Spice Rack $50
2. Go ahead – save the planet with (not) paper towels!! I am a tad obsessed with lemons at the moment and came across these. ADORE. Marly’s Monsters Unpaper Towels $12 for 6
3. Also (maybe it’s a love of Positano) I am obsessed with red coral. You can gift me these anytime too. 2 Coral Bowls $90
4. I’ve said it before – there is nothing in the world like a pure linen tea towel for washing up. Ulster Weavers Carnation Tea Towel $13
5. Once I bought a Disney one of these and was going to gift it away but KEPT IT FOR MYSELF. Whoops. Silver Spoon Ring $55
6. Your cat can never nibble off too many blooms that need the perfect tiny vase. Or is that just in my house? Mini Jewel tone bud vases $20
7. You can never go wrong with Zoe Spanish Olive Oil – even if you don’t have the bandwidth to flavour it yourself. If you do – heat and add clean dried peppers, spices and dried lemon peel. $24 (2-pack)
8. 3-month subscription to cheese of the month club by Cheesy Place. $70
9. Live Nova Scotia Lobster? Not a problem. Your Lobster Pot supplies dinners and fresh lobster couriered right to your door. Alive. It’s fun to have lobster races with nail polish numbers painted on their necks. $80+
10. Another East Coast fav is Dragon’s Growl Cheese from The Dutchmans Cheese Farm. $10

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