Me, you say? Bwa ha ha!!! No, my brother-in-law just did a full Ironman and even the nephews are doing races for kids! I can badly swim, bike and run, but I turned to the experts for help on this guide to gifts for triathletes. (I’ve been known to run in heels).

  1. THEMagic5 custom-made swim goggles: Lux Bundle. Fit and feel is their advantage. These goggles are the first custom-fitted ones to exist in the world — made specifically for your facial structure. They combine our proprietary fitting technology and skilled production team to bring you the perfect pair in 21 days. $153
  2. Handlebar tape from Vinqliq is made of super soft cork. It has an adhesive back and will refresh the bike nicely. $13
  3. Camelbak Ice Insulated Podium Water bottle is infused with Aerogel insulation and is a great replacement for the schmutzy on that you forgot to thoroughly wash. $18
  4. A custom VeloInk Sticker with the rider’s name is cute and inexpensive. $10 Another suggestion I got is to log on to the triathalon or Ironman website, where you can get a shirt with their name on the back. Any personal gift like this after such a huge achievement is going to be special.
  5. A Tracer360 visibility vest makes training in the dark safer. Come to think of it, this would be great for the dog, the kids and anyone walking on a dark night! $45
  6. Normatec Recovery Boots are amazing, albeit a bit pricey. On sale $1200
  7. Body Glide anti-chafe balm. I use this all the time when I travel and walk huge distances daily. $13
  8. IN Bike Biking Gloves – they wear out so fast so it’s great to have multiples! Just make sure to find out whether they prefer full or half finger gloves. $16
  9. Ushake breathable Running Belt to store stuff on the run or bike. $12
  10. Rainleaf Microfibre Towel to stand on when you switch from the swim to the bike. $16

Gifts for Triathletes


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