I’ve been irritated lately about haters on social media who criticize moms who travel for work, uttering ‘You should be home with the kids. Who’s watching them?’ Shut up. Um, their FATHERS are watching them. Because they are equally the parents. So here’s one for the guys, our true partners in parenting. Presenting this year’s unique gifts for dads.

  1. Springfree Trampoline has come out with custom colours! You can even add a personalized label to your trampoline and colour-match them to your favourite sporting team. I’m in love. From $1,399
  2. Everyone likes to kiss a nicely shaved face…. so thank you Truefitt & Hill for this beautiful gift set! There’s even a fancy bowl so he can feel like a 1940’s leading man. $100
  3. My husband loves to serve wine in pitchers. This Le Creuset one from Chapters Indigo is on sale. $60
  4. Also on sale right now at Canadian Tire, this sleek, sexy Mastercraft Work Cabinet will help get everyone organized. $399
  5. Kids on screens and gaming devices giving him grey hair? There’s a new Disney Circle Home Plus out that will help control and pause screen time. $129
  6. Mr. Root Beer Home Brewing Root Beer Kit. Because who doesn’t love floats?? This is a fun way to brew 2 gallons of creamy old-fashioned root beer at home. Includes 1 bottle of root-beer extract, 2 packets of flavor crystals, and 1 packet of root-beer yeast $20
  7. My friends Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer have come out with an epic new book: The Jackass Whisperer – How to deal with the worst people at work, at home and online. It’s a keeper!! $18
  8. Men’s Lockdown ICEFX Winter Boots from Mark’s. On sale!! $144
  9. HBC Stripes scarf. We named our son Hudson, and even for New Yorkers, the Hudson’s Bay stripes signify strength and exploration. On sale! $31.50
  10. The Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund T-Shirt. The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund aims to build cultural understanding and create a path toward reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. $20

Unique Dad Gifts


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