I was a tennis player when I was young and have recently taken it up again. All of a sudden, badminton and squash are also accessible! I just love hitting anything with a racquet, and sports are a great way to spend time with the whole family. We’ve surveyed a few people in the know, and have come up with quite the list of gifts for racquet sports lovers. Bet you are going to want to pick up a ping pong paddle or play with a shuttlecock after reading this!

  1. Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet Series. A nice light racquet can make all the difference! (on sale) $11
  2. Lucky in Love Tennis Skirt. Those who know me see me in tennis skirts all summer long. They are so flattering on and off the court! (on sale) $42 
  3. Tennis Happied visor. Keep that sun out of your eyes and hair as well. $25
  4. Tennis is my Favourite Season sweatshirt – Etsy. These keep popping up on my Instagram, and I sought this one out on Etsy to support local artisans. $18
  5. Tecnifibre Absolute Squash Eyewear. A must to protect your precious eyes!- $28
  6. Oh My Grips Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap Tape OMG | Premium Quality, Great for all racquets: Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Even Ping-Pong Paddles! $10
  7. Zhenan Glow-in-the-dark shuttlecocks . You never know when a midnight match might break out. $10 for 4
  8. Adidas Grand Court Sneaker. I would wear these all the time – I may need to get an extra pair just for the court! $48
  9. LISH Court advantage backpack. Stylish and functional. $30
  10. 24-Pack of Fiji Water.  Because you need to stay hydrated, and I was just in Fiji where this is harvested and have never tasted better water! $20

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Gift Guide for Racquet Lovers

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