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Over the Shoulder Baby Holder

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The over the shoulder baby holder is otherwise known as a sling or carrier (not a bra – ha ha).  Both mom and dad need to be comfortable and structurally supported without hunching, tilting or bruised shoulders.  When our kids were tiny, they refused the stroller (aaagh) and my diaper bag essentials always included two different types of carriers to give my body some variety.  Ranging from wraps to heavy-duty sophisticated contraptions with buckles and gizmos, here are a few of the most popular.

1.  Baby Bjorn – a fabulous brand made famous when Angelina Jolie carried her little ones, they now come in active and comfort models and the optional covers keep baby snug and warm without adding bulk and weight to the carrier.  Available at Baby’s World.

2.  The Beco Butterfly 2 is a gorgeous eco-friendly carrier that can hold baby in the front or back.  It’s a great option for both mom and dad.  Available (and on sale!) at Hip Baby $119.00.

3.  The Moby Wrap comes in hip designs, UV protective cloth, jacquard and modern designs.

4.  The Maya Wrap is a beautiful and cozy alternative that many of our readers swear by.  Aiding in breastfeeding, it is an incredibly secure option for the little one.  It just takes a bit of figuring out before you feel fully comfortable with how to wrap.  Available at Parenting By Nature.
5.  Ergo Baby Petunia Pickle Bottom Designer Collection – also produces organic, sport and travel options.  Available at Jack and Lola (Outback model $124.99) or Petunia Pickle Bottom (model shown).

6.  Phil and Ted’s Metro Carrier has a streamlined design that has ‘UrbanMommy’ written all over it.  It’s also lightweight and comfortable.  $169.99 at Lusso Baby.

7.  Balboa Baby slings are fabulous for breastfeeding and recommended by Dr. Sears.  Available at Baby’s Corner.

8.  The Little Life Explorer S2 Child Carrier

Occupying up to 30% less space than their full-sized carriers, the design of the Explorer S2 is deliberately minimalist. This ensures that it packs away neatly, taking up the least space possible, and makes it ideal for travel. Despite this it has some clever little features and boasts a 17 litre storage capacity. It also features a highly adjustable back system.  Available at MEC.

9. Sasha Ediger Tigers Tale Collection from Rose and Rebellion in the UK are handmade with generously padded straps and fully reversible to make them a great unisex product.  £79.99  Rose and Rebellion

10.  Sakura Bloom offers dupioni silk, 2-colour slings. Cool to wear, and perfect for all climates, these slings are handcrafted of two layers of silk, each sling is lightweight, breathable, and adjustable.  All Sakura Bloom slings are machine washable in cold water.  $198.00 from Sakura Bloom.




The Coach Legacy Collection

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I was in Buenos Aires recently and couldn’t keep away from the Recoleta Cemetery.  (And not to see the hoards of people looking at Evita’s grave.)  The sense of peace and solitude I felt was overwhelming.  The elaborate tombs are above ground and house every member of established Argentinian families.  It is their legacy.


Pregnancy Style Advice for Fall and Winter

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It goes without saying that being pregnant places demands on your wardrobe that your existing clothes likely can’t meet.  Dressing your pregnant belly shouldn’t be dreaded or seen as something that’s difficult but should be embraced as an opportunity to rise to the challenge of dressing your new shape.  Pregnancy in the summer may be seen as easier to dress with maxi dresses and loose t-shirts but believe it or not, there are some easy tricks and trends to implement for fall pregnancy wear.  This fall, there are some key maternity trends and modified runway trends to keep you and your belly always looking stylish.  Here are the UrbanMommies pregnancy fall winter fashion trends.

Tailored pieces.  Though it may seem easier to hide your belly under loose sweaters and baggy pants, that can actually make you look bulkier. It definitely doesn’t make you feel as pretty as a nicely tailored pair of jeans or jacket will either.  If staying fashionable is super important to you, you could go for a pair of maternity jeans that hits below your belly, though these will be a little more uncomfortable.  If you’re OK with wearing real maternity jeans, find a pair that fit you perfectly and have a nice tailored look.  If you can’t find a pair that fit you exactly right, get the pair that fits your belly best and then get the pants tailored at a seamstress.  Jackets for maternity wear this fall should also have a structured look to them.  Jackets are often the item that gets overlooked during a fall pregnancy but with the tailored trend this fall, the maternity jackets look great on everyone.  The jacket trend for this fall in maternity wear combines timeless and classic cuts to create a tailored jacket that will keep you warm and flatter your growing belly.  Just remember—get one size bigger than you need if you’re buying before the third trimester!

Colored Condiments.   If you’re a fan of colors but like to stay in earth toned hues, then you will love the color trend for maternity wear this fall.  Olive greens, mustard yellows and brick red (like ketchup!).  These colors really match the fall colors that surround you and generally look good when mixed together and with most skin tones.

Leather pieces. This is one fall runway trend that can be taken into maternity wear!  Even though pregnancy might not allow you to wear leather pants or a skirt, you can wear tops with leather pieces.  Leggings now come in stretch leather which would look great with a structured jacket or mustard sweater.  Keep in mind whenever you’re buying something with leather, to try it on, make sure it’s comfortable and that it will expand with your belly.

Prints and Details. Another trend that was translated from the runway to maternity trends for this fall is prints and details on different pieces.  Matching prints is the thing right now but if you feel that draws too much attention to your bump, then add just a splash of print to an outfit for some interest.  Details added to clothing such as appliques, zippers or beaded detail adds great emphasis to an empire waist.

Use these fall maternity trends as inspiration to spice up your maternity wardrobe this fall but always remember to invest in pieces that are stylish and comfortable!

Allie Samborn is a freelance writer based in Vancouver, BC.  She has covered a wide range of topics from fly fishing destinations to annual makeup trends. She has her BA in English Literature and a diploma in Fashion Merchandising.

back to school picks for mom

Back to School Picks for Mom

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The end of August marks a special time.  (And not only because the fall fashion issues are so thick).  With the little ones returning back to school for a new year and a fresh start, Moms can’t forget that they deserve a bit of a refresher too.  You get them to school.  You’re the activity chauffeur and playdate secretary.  School lunch chef, homework enforcer.  We know that’s just a few of your duties.  Here are a few of our Back to School Picks for the moms out there.

Back to School Picks for Mom

1.  Shoes: Gentle Souls, (a Kenneth Cole brand) are comfortable, practical and stylish.  And if you like science, their technology is based on displaceable solids comprised of – deerskin lining, NASA developed memory foam called PORON, flax seeds pillows &  rubber soles. Bottom line, they are so comfortable!


Dressing Your Boys

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Some boys will only wear ‘Athletic Clothing.  Stripes, logos, numbers.  Hmmm.  Not always a stylish choice for boyswear.  Why not have a rule, shall we, that sports clothes are for, well, playing sports, and cool, cute, hip clothes are for going out in public without a ball/racquet/bat in hand.  I’ve never understood the hockey jersey thing (especially for grown men and women.)  Why would you wear a boxy jersey bearing a professional hockey player’s name on the back?  Your own name, ok…  Same opinion for little boys’ sporting attire.  If you earned it by playing a season of T-Ball, sure.  But to put Walmart’s logo and year of inception on his back because you think your kid looks athletic?  No.


What’s in my bag? Ann Gallery

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We spoke to PR Pro Ann Gallery and convinced her to ‘spill’ the contents of her stunning Goyard monogrammed purse.  She’s lucky my initials are different or I would have nabbed it.

1.  The cult hair care line Black 15 in 1 recently launched travel sizes of its amazing Twice a Week Shampoo and Conditioner and Miracle Hair Treatment – I keep the 3 Oz hair treatment spray in my purse so things don’t get too out of control on drizzly Vancouver days.

2.  My bag by Goyard.

3. Shortly after we met, my husband Ian gave me a lovely Shamrock Charm in honour of my Irish roots (or was it my feisty red-headed nature?!).  The charm lives on my key chain for good luck.

4.  I can’t get enough of Steaz sparkling green tea, especially the Raspberry and Lemon Lime flavours.  So refreshing!

5.  I’m addicted to CND Shellac manicures and keeping Solar Oil in my purse and using it regularly on my nails and cuticles maintains my mani for even longer than the promised 14 days!

6.  I keep in my purse a quick, fun and portable game like Spot it! to help kill time with my 10 and 11 year old sons between appointments, practices and playdates.

7.  I’m a lip gloss junkie and the sparklier the better! On a recent trip to Japan I picked up RMK’s Gloss Lips N in Holographic Orange and now it’s a staple in my purse.  I also snapped up RMK’s 15th Anniversary Cheek Palette – it makes me smile every time I open the case and it gives me a sun-kissed glow.

8.  Like most people, practically every photo we have is on an electronic device but I always keep a hard copy of this picture in my purse.  I love my boys even when they’ve been away at camp and haven’t bathed for two weeks!

9.  Between visiting family in Toronto and Montreal and a very busy travel schedule for work, it feels like I spend half my life on a plane!  I now just keep in my purse a merino wool Bliss Wrap by Icebreaker – it’s perfect for travelling as it’s chic, cozy and versatile and looks good with everything from jeans to my new favourite summer maxi dress.



Unique Fathers Day Gifts for Dad

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Father’s Day is a tough one.  PS – socks and ties just don’t really cut it.  Here are a few curated picks that we’ll be ordering.  And probably using for ourselves..  (That’s when you get them for the father of your children instead of your own dad so the items are.. ahem.. nearby.. for your personal use.)

This was so awesome we actually already bought one for the office.  Sorry dad.  A new take on the retro polaroid, the shots from the Fuji Instax Mini 50s Camera come out immediately and in a mini size – about half the width of an old-fashioned polaroid.  And you don’t have to wave them in the air either.  Available at Caya.

What man could possibly attempt a camping trip without his R2D2 Folding armchair? If he’s into starwars you might want to check out our feature on the hand-knit R2D2 hat as well…. Available at

CHARGE ‘N’ FRUITS Designed Docking Station: The most decorative way to charge cell phones and MP3 players: definite shapes and creative styling. Simply load your charging cable through the fruit from above and place the cord in the cable channel at the bottom.

Blown Away: A Year Through the Lens of The Tornado Hunter.  I was so riveted to the photos in this tome that I could feel my testosterone level rising.  Showcasing the surreal, scary, romantic electricity of tornadoes across North America, Greg Johnson’s stunning book can be found at WalMart and online at chapters/ (Oh – and if you comment on this post with your fav idea for dad you get an entry to win one!)

WEBER FIRESPICE® TRIAL-SIZED SMOKING KITS: Not sure what flavour dad likes to smoke? Here’s an opportunity to sample different smoking woods – hickory, cherry, apple and more. Comes in assorted four and six packs.  Pair it with Weber’s Smoke™ cookbook written by New York Times best-selling author and James Beard Award Nominee Jamie Purviance. It reveals the secrets to infusing rich, smoky flavours into almost any dish on any barbecue including  gas, charcoal, or smoker.

Date night with Dad. Especially wonderful for the dad who doesn’t get much one-on-one time with the kids, here is an opportunity for the children to share ideas as to what a perfect date with dad would look like: Building a model airplane? Learning how to fly a kite?  fly fishing?  Yes please. 12 different ideas for activities to do with your dad for a special date.  Brilliant DIY idea by the Happy HomeMaker.

Collapsable shot glass.  You couldn’t possibly go on a golf course without one of these.  Or to Europe.  Or to the office.  Just sayin’

The Man Bouquet.  Attach assorted cigars, beers and Dad’s favourite items to small dowels and ‘plant’ them in a huge pot.  (You might also want to include some lingere for yourself, which we’re sure he’d also enjoy.)  Idea and photo by: Elyse Nichol


Maternity Shopping Guidelines

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Maternity Clothing ListIf you can only afford to purchase a few key items, stick with the essentials. You are going to be wearing these pieces for the next few months, so go for quality over quantity. (e.g. a great pair of jeans will be worn more times than you can count).

  1. Choose pants that have either an expandable cotton/lycra front panel, or an adjustable waistline. These will provide you with comfort as your belly grows, and maintain a good fit.
  2. Dress up your basic black pants with a trendy top, a dressy blazer or shrug.
  3. Accessorize your wardrobe. Be creative, and have some fun. You can change your look by simply adding a stack of chunky bracelets, dangly earrings, or a long beaded necklace to update your look.
  4. Most of you will “live” in your maternity clothes, and we encourage you to buy clothing that reflects your personal style and taste so you can feel like yourself and enjoy your changing body.


The Porsche P'4911 Baby Stroller

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We know that we suggested the Cayenne as an excellent push present, and this Porsche P’4911 would certainly make the perfect baby shower gift.  Designed by Dawid Dawod, it’s every baby’s dream (or Dads or Moms but we can project, right?).  Carbon fiber, aluminum, leather, and ball-bearing wheels make this vehicle one of Porsche’s best.