We spoke to PR Pro Ann Gallery and convinced her to ‘spill’ the contents of her stunning Goyard monogrammed purse.  She’s lucky my initials are different or I would have nabbed it.

1.  The cult hair care line Black 15 in 1 recently launched travel sizes of its amazing Twice a Week Shampoo and Conditioner and Miracle Hair Treatment – I keep the 3 Oz hair treatment spray in my purse so things don’t get too out of control on drizzly Vancouver days.

2.  My bag by Goyard.

3. Shortly after we met, my husband Ian gave me a lovely Shamrock Charm in honour of my Irish roots (or was it my feisty red-headed nature?!).  The charm lives on my key chain for good luck.

4.  I can’t get enough of Steaz sparkling green tea, especially the Raspberry and Lemon Lime flavours.  So refreshing!

5.  I’m addicted to CND Shellac manicures and keeping Solar Oil in my purse and using it regularly on my nails and cuticles maintains my mani for even longer than the promised 14 days!

6.  I keep in my purse a quick, fun and portable game like Spot it! to help kill time with my 10 and 11 year old sons between appointments, practices and playdates.

7.  I’m a lip gloss junkie and the sparklier the better! On a recent trip to Japan I picked up RMK’s Gloss Lips N in Holographic Orange and now it’s a staple in my purse.  I also snapped up RMK’s 15th Anniversary Cheek Palette – it makes me smile every time I open the case and it gives me a sun-kissed glow.

8.  Like most people, practically every photo we have is on an electronic device but I always keep a hard copy of this picture in my purse.  I love my boys even when they’ve been away at camp and haven’t bathed for two weeks!

9.  Between visiting family in Toronto and Montreal and a very busy travel schedule for work, it feels like I spend half my life on a plane!  I now just keep in my purse a merino wool Bliss Wrap by Icebreaker – it’s perfect for travelling as it’s chic, cozy and versatile and looks good with everything from jeans to my new favourite summer maxi dress.