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Fall and Winter Style for Kids from Noch Mini

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Fall and Winter Style for Kids From Noch Mini

I adore fall and winter. Not so much for the weather (I’m personally more of a summer gal) but for the fashion! Living in Vancouver, fall and winter fashion stretches all the way from fall to spring. Fall clothing for kids is just as fun (if not more) than the clothing for adults.

At Urban Mommies we are currently loving kids clothes from Noch Mini, a New York based children’s line designed by Jina Jang. Noch believes in protecting the environment and our children’s bodies by using only certified organic materials and low-impact dyes.

Check out the Noch Mini Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook for great looks for your kids for the fall.


Dressing Your Boys

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Some boys will only wear ‘Athletic Clothing.  Stripes, logos, numbers.  Hmmm.  Not always a stylish choice for boyswear.  Why not have a rule, shall we, that sports clothes are for, well, playing sports, and cool, cute, hip clothes are for going out in public without a ball/racquet/bat in hand.  I’ve never understood the hockey jersey thing (especially for grown men and women.)  Why would you wear a boxy jersey bearing a professional hockey player’s name on the back?  Your own name, ok…  Same opinion for little boys’ sporting attire.  If you earned it by playing a season of T-Ball, sure.  But to put Walmart’s logo and year of inception on his back because you think your kid looks athletic?  No.