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Panty by Post

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Panty by PostOh la la!  Opening the mail has never been so exciting.  Instead of bills and flyers, what appeared in my mailbox today?  Nothing other than the sexiest, frilly French panties that I have ever seen.  Panty by Post is the brainchild of Natalie Grunberg and Lori Sholzberg, and in our estimation, will up Canada’s birthrate by alot.  Great as a gift delivered monthly, you can order one, six or twelve pairs of sexy panties.  Sure to boost your self esteem during the pregnancy or postpardom period, the marketing for the company features naturally beautiful women who are not airbrushed.  Fabulous! 


Dressing for a larger bust

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Q – How should I deal with my increased breast size in clothing?

A – Breasts change drastically during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post pregnancy. Increased breast size can be as frustrating as not getting back into your jeans. But don’t hide it! Flaunt it, but first embrace it. Start by getting a proper fit. Believe it or not, the majority of all women aren’t wearing the proper bra for their breast. Wearing the right size bra is essential for proper support. Bulky knit sweaters and extra layers are definitely not what you want to be wearing. Instead opt for smooth silk button downs, smooth Tee shirts and printed wrap dresses.


The Maxi Dress

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Q – Does a maxi-dress really hide my tummy?

A – Borrowing from celebrity style (Anegelina loved these), the maxi-dress is a long, flowing frock that can certainly be comfy during the later stages of prenancy.  Just be sure that the bodice is fitted so you don’t look like you’ve donned a mu-mu.  And careful of lenght – we don’t want you tripping on a hem!