Maternity Clothing ListIf you can only afford to purchase a few key items, stick with the essentials. You are going to be wearing these pieces for the next few months, so go for quality over quantity. (e.g. a great pair of jeans will be worn more times than you can count).

  1. Choose pants that have either an expandable cotton/lycra front panel, or an adjustable waistline. These will provide you with comfort as your belly grows, and maintain a good fit.
  2. Dress up your basic black pants with a trendy top, a dressy blazer or shrug.
  3. Accessorize your wardrobe. Be creative, and have some fun. You can change your look by simply adding a stack of chunky bracelets, dangly earrings, or a long beaded necklace to update your look.
  4. Most of you will “live” in your maternity clothes, and we encourage you to buy clothing that reflects your personal style and taste so you can feel like yourself and enjoy your changing body.