Here are some tips for purchasing baby furniture, from the experts at Baby’s World

The task of purchasing baby or children’s furniture is not as easy as one might think.  Price, colour, style, function, quality, and how much space your room has all play a role in choosing what’s right for you and your child.  Here are a few tips to make this difficult (but fun) task a little easier.

Evaluate your child’s room, too much furniture will make the room very small.  Once you have made a decision and before purchasing take the measurements of the crib, dresser, armoires, etc and use masking tape to map out the layout of the room.  If you are questioning the size of any piece of furniture, don’t buy it.
Purchase what you need first, get it into the room then evaluate your wants.  Never put a crib underneath a window or a hanging picture and if you can help it, don’t cover up heat vents.  Change tables are not necessary anymore, a true change table is typically used for changing babies and that’s it, you can put a contoured change pad on a dresser and use the top drawer for all your change table supplies.  After your baby is out of diapers, take the change pad off and you’re left with a piece of furniture that your child will use for years.  Think long term.

Unfortunately quality comes with a price, if your budget allows try and purchase pieces with as much hardwood as possible.  Most every piece of furniture on the market has veneered sides, but ensure your furniture piece has a solid hardwood frame, solid hardwood top, and solid drawer fronts.  Other quality features would include dove tailed drawers, drawer braces (so they never bow), and drawer glides rather than rollers.  Quality features will dictate price.

Allow yourself at least 3 months from the time you order your furniture to its delivery date.  Most furniture companies don’t stock their product’s, they will manufacture your furniture once your order is placed.  Ask the retailer about the reputation of the furniture manufacturer, how long in business, damage history, and the longevity of their different series would be important information.

When choosing your child’s first bed, again think of space.  We recommend a double bed over a single bed for both comfort and longevity.  Single or twin beds are 39” wide and are very squishy when you are reading that special book or soothing them to sleep.  A double or full bed is 54” wide and is very comfortable for two adults.  You could even use a double bed for guests when your child moves out.  Again, use masking tape to map out the size of the bed, then order what your room will allow.

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