Walmart Mom of the YearIt’s hard to classify anyone as ‘Mom of the Year’. What criteria does one use? While women sling insults at each other in the name of the mommy wars, we seem to be forgetting about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Choosing the ‘best’ is too hard. Do we award it to a mom overcoming a huge challenge? But one person’s hurdle could be a breeze for another woman. Do we give it to the mom who makes the best school lunches even though she has a staff bigger than Martha Stewart’s? Maybe we reward a mom forced to leave her family to work away from home so she can send money to her children. Or a woman who is hurting but rejoices in the face of negativity. A hard choice? We think so. Well, we have good news. Walmart may have just ended the mommy wars. Walmart’s Mom of the Year Award is now recognizing multiple people! Seeing that moms can thrive in many different areas, Walmart has designated categories:

– Environmental Superstars
– Community Champions
– Smart Savers (this definitely won’t be me)
– Loving Caregivers
– Everyday Heroes

Anyone else welling up with tears just thinking about who you can nominate? Know what’s even better? A Mom doesn’t have to win to feel appreciated. Every Mom of the Year nominee gets a profile page that can be shared with her friends and family. Loved ones can write messages and tributes on her page to ensure she never forgets what a great job she’s doing. Of course the nominees will print and laminate my comments to post on the fridge.. the bathroom mirror.. the car dashboard… the temper tantrum-ing toddler’s forehead…).

Many moms work like dogs for little appreciation. Why not give the biggest honour of all to a mom you know? Show her she’s doing a great job. Voting begins June 11th – let the heartwarming stories, tears and giggles begin! Moms are worth it.