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Maximize your Rewards this Hallowe’en

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Ahh.  October.  Just when you’ve eaten your fill of turkey, forked over a ton of cash for organic pumpkin pie ingredients and filled your house with harvest décor, you realize that Hallowe’en is only two weeks away.  Or maybe one.  (Your calendar is still covered in gravy splatter.)  The turkey coma is replaced by the end-of-October panic attack.  You create a list.  Lists are fun!  Until you realize that you have not one thing checked off yet.


Efeet by Dylan Kendall

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Talk about standing on your own feet.  Check out Efeet,  Dylan Kendall’s new line of footed home accessories.  In today’s world, being normal is over-rated.  We all want people to notice how nice our home is or how great cool our dishes are.  The Efeet Collection is the perfect conversation starter and takes a stand against the run-of-the-mill boring dishware. Turning the world of traditional dish ware on its head, this collection proves to add that little touch of whimsy everyone longs for.  From footed mugs, bowls, mugs and even bathroom sets, these dishes will be a huge hit at any event or gathering.

Better yet – like charity and animals?  By purchasing a new footed bowl for your pet through you will help animals in need.  $1 of each dog bowl pre-sold through the Indiegogo campaign will go to Hope For Paws — a remarkable dog rescue doing critical work in South Central Los Angeles (where I have family) and $1 of each cat bowl pre-sold through the Indiegogo campaign will go to Stray Cat Alliance whose work rescuing homeless cats and advocating for a No Kill Los Angeles is vital to raising awareness and making a difference to the lives of cats on the streets.



Royal Canadian Mint Celebrates the Year of the Snake

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Canada’s heritage, culture and values are vibrantly displayed on the Royal Canadian Mint’s new line of 2013 gold and silver Year of the Snake collector coins and the Mint is joining Vancouver’s celebration of this popular cultural festival by hosting a three-day program of activities, from February 8 to 10, 2013 at its downtown Vancouver boutique.  Come see how the Royal Canadian Mint Celebrates the Year of the Snake!

·         Be among the first 88 daily visitors to win a door prize;
·         Enter a draw to win a Year of the Snake gold coin;
·         Admire a spectacular gold display; and
·         Strike their very own “Snake” medallion* and take home this free keepsake in a special-edition red velvet pouch. (*While quantities last)

Friday, February 8
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, February 9
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, February 10
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Royal Canadian Mint Boutique
752 Granville St
Vancouver, BC
(Between Robson and Georgia)

Woo hoo!  The Royal Canadian Mint Celebrates the Year of the Snake!


What is a Glucose Tolerance Test?

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So there you are, staring at that glass of painfully-sweet, ultra-sugary orange liquid and wondering, “What on earth is that? Isn’t this something the doctors normally say not to drink?” Don’t freak out, it’s a normal test that all mums-to-be have to go through, sometimes multiple times per pregnancy.  What is a glucose tolerance test?  It is how your doctor or midwife can determine whether you have pregnancy-induced diabetes. Diabetes is a disorder in the way your body metabolizes sugar, and pregnant women are susceptible to developing it due to the way that baby is wreaking havoc with your hormones. No, it’s not just sudden tears and bizarre cravings for mango that come with the territory: you could get very sick if you don’t keep your blood sugar in check.


Caroline: Finally on the Summit!

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Top of the Summit

Where do I start? I’ve reached my summit and it was way easier than I thought it would be. And like all mountain climbers, I’ve already set a new goal of reaching a higher mountain. This one was high but my spark for competition was lit again, and as I’ve mentioned many times, it’s not all about competing with all the other moms in this challenge but competing with myself. I love challenging myself. My best friend exercises a lot and during the last few years I’ve thought, I have to get back into it too. She inspires me (you know who you are!). Ironically my husband was also editing a popular Canadian television show where families adopt healthier lifestyle choices and go on to lose weight. He would always ask my opinion about segments he’s edited. I would sit there in our home studio with headphones on and watch strangers changing their lives and see how proud they would be in the end and I would think, ‘I need to be like these people!!!’ Well, here I am! I have achieved it. This 8 week challenge is now over but this journey isn’t over for me and will never be, it’s not something I started with an end, it’s a challenge I have adopted and will keep pursuing.


Kirsten: End of the Road

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Recipe Box

So here we are at the end, and I really feel like I’m just getting started. Truthfully I am, I didn’t meet all my goals but I learnt a lot and gained some great tools to help me make it there eventually and when I do I think I will stay there.  I has been a great experience and I enjoyed reading the experiences of the other Mommyfit mom’s. I started this competition with a recipe, It would like to end it with a new one:


Family Emergency Contact List

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Family Emergency Contact ListWe hope that you never need this one, but a Family Emergency Contact List is such a great organizational tool – for you, babysitters or grandparents.  It also helps to guide you towards setting up all the services you need for your family.  Make sure each family member knows where it is kept and keep a copy in your car and wallet.  YOu can also try an electronic version on the new UrbanMommies iPhone app.


Felicia: What’s the Point??!

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Why are we so hard on ourselves? When did weight become so debilitating that it can actually change the way we live our life? Talking to people about the #MommyFit 2011 Competition I have learned that many people who are unhappy with their weight actually avoid social situations as they are uncomfortable in a room of “thinner people!”


Kirsten: Reaching Out

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So we nearly at the end and I am still struggling.  I asked for help, something I’ve never been great at, but Mama-hood has many things to teach me, and I wish I had asked sooner. We simplified the meal plan to something I can handle and share with Tiger Cub, and while I still try to get in a workout here and there, I have a goal of being active with the baby at least once a day.  When I started this journey I really didn’t think it would be so difficult or take so long, often it’s felt like walking on sand; sliding back a little each step, so a mile feels like five. I’m glad I did this now, because the support I received was really incredible and made it so that I didn’t give up.  Also getting a good grasp on what my challenges are has helped me to find ways to overcome them. I’m by no means done either, it’s probably going to take 16 more weeks to get to where I want to be, but I feel like I have the tools to get me there.

-Kirsten Sikora