Why are we so hard on ourselves? When did weight become so debilitating that it can actually change the way we live our life? Talking to people about the #MommyFit 2011 Competition I have learned that many people who are unhappy with their weight actually avoid social situations as they are uncomfortable in a room of “thinner people!” This weekend I was discussing the Total Body Revolution plan with some new friends when one woman interjected that she had “tried them all”. We all know what the “all” is – the other weight loss programs that are available. She went on to list some of the names and I was amazed at the amount of money she had “invested” to lose weight! On one program she had lost over 100 lbs yet she became very ill and was asked to leave… she promptly gained all the weight back! The same held true for two other people in the conversation – they tried numerous programs with great success only to gain it all back! What’s the point??! I can’t imagine going through all this work only to have it fade away just as quick! I definitely understand the lack of motivation some people have after trying a million diets that haven’t worked. This conversation solidified why it is so important for me to change my lifestyle to reflect my health goals – pills, herbs, quick fix cures are superficial – I’m so glad that I was chosen for Mommy Fit! My goal at the end of this competition is to remain focused, make healthy food choices, continue being active and love myself!

Felicia Dewar