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Kirsten: End of the Road

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So here we are at the end, and I really feel like I’m just getting started. Truthfully I am, I didn’t meet all my goals but I learnt a lot and gained some great tools to help me make it there eventually and when I do I think I will stay there.  I has been a great experience and I enjoyed reading the experiences of the other Mommyfit mom’s. I started this competition with a recipe, It would like to end it with a new one:


Kirsten: Reaching Out

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So we nearly at the end and I am still struggling.  I asked for help, something I’ve never been great at, but Mama-hood has many things to teach me, and I wish I had asked sooner. We simplified the meal plan to something I can handle and share with Tiger Cub, and while I still try to get in a workout here and there, I have a goal of being active with the baby at least once a day.  When I started this journey I really didn’t think it would be so difficult or take so long, often it’s felt like walking on sand; sliding back a little each step, so a mile feels like five. I’m glad I did this now, because the support I received was really incredible and made it so that I didn’t give up.  Also getting a good grasp on what my challenges are has helped me to find ways to overcome them. I’m by no means done either, it’s probably going to take 16 more weeks to get to where I want to be, but I feel like I have the tools to get me there.

-Kirsten Sikora


Kirsten: The Good, The Bad, and the Moderate…

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Okay so this week gets a 5 out 7. I began the week with a lot of determination and renewed intention, I was making the meals, doing the workouts – even some extra. But Friday night I fell apart, got lazy and ate a crappy dinner. Then Saturday I let myself snack on junk food and I had no energy to do anything. It amazes me how little it takes to send my energy plummeting, and yet when I was doing more the exercise and healthy food was giving me energy.


Kirsten: Off the Rails

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Spent much of this week trying to get back on track.  Didn’t help that towards the tiger cub and I caught a bit of a bug. Tough part of being a nursing mama and getting sick, is instead of getting the much needed break, you get less sleep and more stress. Everyday I told myself in the morning that I would start fresh today, and every night by dinner I told myself I’d do better tomorrow. Tonight I wanted to give up, until I thought about what that means, and who I’m giving up on.  So I renew my commitment to myself and this program, even after the contest is done I still have work to do, I refuse to give up.


Kirsten: Curves Ahead

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So this week a friend came to stay and I all but abandoned the revolution.  Not sure if it was just an excuse to indulge, or that I already felt guilty enough with the restrictions a baby puts on our time I didn’t feel comfortable enough to prioritize my health needs on top of that. In my pre-bebe life I was always so accommodating and flexible, now when I try to be that it always results in my needs not getting met. Despite this I still seem to be slimming down, encouraging to watch the baby belly finally begin to melt away.

– Kirsten Sikora


Kirsten: Biting Off More Than We Can Chew

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Biting off more than we can chewSo as I said being a new mom I am learning almost as much as the tiger cub but not as fast. This week as he was learning how much food should constitute a bite size, I was learning about realistic expectations and prioritizing.  So going from months of inactivity after a c-section to the daily workout regimen had my thighs feeling like they were made out of lead, heavy and clumsy. So I eased up, took it slower, savoured the time I was taking for myself, as opposed to racing to maximize the tiny bit of workout time I could carve out for myself. It won’t bring results in the long term but neither will me collapsing into a heap of exhaustion. Weight loss was only one of my goals, balance and developing long term healthy habits are just as high on my list. This week was about pacing and while I’m not quite there, I am a few steps closer.

-Kirsten Sikora