Okay so this week gets a 5 out 7. I began the week with a lot of determination and renewed intention, I was making the meals, doing the workouts – even some extra. But Friday night I fell apart, got lazy and ate a crappy dinner. Then Saturday I let myself snack on junk food and I had no energy to do anything. It amazes me how little it takes to send my energy plummeting, and yet when I was doing more the exercise and healthy food was giving me energy.
It’s funny but I never expected this whole thing would affect my parenting choices but after realizing how ingrained the idea of a “treat” is, I want to be more aware of what I teach little Tiger cub. Simply put potato chips and cookies don’t really taste better then Cashews and a juicy ripe pear but some part of my brain has categorized the former as some kind of reward. With this in mind I stocked up on pears and accept that change takes time and I’m a little closer.

-Kirsten Sikora