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Felicia: Sometimes… Life Happens

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Week five is rolling to an end and I only have three weeks left to obtain my goals and win #MommyFit2011! This is scary considering how unmotivated I have been this week! However, wouldn’t you know that THIS is the week that everyone says how great I look and what a big difference I’ve made?! There really is no time to be unmotivated – I made the “mistake” of telling literally hundreds of people that I was a finalist for Mommy Fit 2011. Therefore, whether I go to work, my son’s school, my son’s daycare, my sister’s house, even online, someone, somewhere is asking me “How is it going?” “It” being the Mommy Fit weight loss challenge. These people are definitely keeping me accountable whether they are in Hawaii (private Facebook messages and encouragements from my bestie), at my sibling’s house (“that shirt looks so much better on you now!) or at their desk (“what plan are you on, I think I need to start it!”).


Kirsten: Biting Off More Than We Can Chew

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Biting off more than we can chewSo as I said being a new mom I am learning almost as much as the tiger cub but not as fast. This week as he was learning how much food should constitute a bite size, I was learning about realistic expectations and prioritizing.  So going from months of inactivity after a c-section to the daily workout regimen had my thighs feeling like they were made out of lead, heavy and clumsy. So I eased up, took it slower, savoured the time I was taking for myself, as opposed to racing to maximize the tiny bit of workout time I could carve out for myself. It won’t bring results in the long term but neither will me collapsing into a heap of exhaustion. Weight loss was only one of my goals, balance and developing long term healthy habits are just as high on my list. This week was about pacing and while I’m not quite there, I am a few steps closer.

-Kirsten Sikora