Week five is rolling to an end and I only have three weeks left to obtain my goals and win #MommyFit2011! This is scary considering how unmotivated I have been this week! However, wouldn’t you know that THIS is the week that everyone says how great I look and what a big difference I’ve made?! There really is no time to be unmotivated – I made the “mistake” of telling literally hundreds of people that I was a finalist for Mommy Fit 2011. Therefore, whether I go to work, my son’s school, my son’s daycare, my sister’s house, even online, someone, somewhere is asking me “How is it going?” “It” being the Mommy Fit weight loss challenge. These people are definitely keeping me accountable whether they are in Hawaii (private Facebook messages and encouragements from my bestie), at my sibling’s house (“that shirt looks so much better on you now!) or at their desk (“what plan are you on, I think I need to start it!”).

I am so encouraged by this outpouring of support I am unable to quit or self-defeat! Does this mean I tackle every day exactly as it should be during the Total Body Revolution? No, I would like to but sadly that is not the case. However, it does mean that with TBR and the amazing encouragement from Ally (Co-founder of TBR) that I have learned to do what I can and to forgive myself for what I haven’t. In addition to the lessons I explained last post, I have also learned to chew slowly (certainly helps me feel fuller faster!), to accept my cravings and weaknesses (I’ve developed plans to combat these – mostly through avoidance as even a little bite tends to lead me to more!), proper rest (if the dishes don’t get done, oh well, the stove top fan works wonders in sucking up fruit flies) and to take my exercise where I can get it (carrying my four year old for blocks certainly helps!). I am ecstatic to discover that Total Body Revolution is a “lifestyle change” NOT a “lose weight fast” program as the lessons I am learning will last MUCH longer than the eight weeks I originally signed up for!