Recipe Box

So here we are at the end, and I really feel like I’m just getting started. Truthfully I am, I didn’t meet all my goals but I learnt a lot and gained some great tools to help me make it there eventually and when I do I think I will stay there.  I has been a great experience and I enjoyed reading the experiences of the other Mommyfit mom’s. I started this competition with a recipe, It would like to end it with a new one:

New Mom’s healthy lifestyle


Fresh foods (be sure to include colour and variety)

1 set measuring cups & spoons1 supportive person (at least, you can have as many as you like but you need at least one)

Good running/walking shoes

1 Journal

Sense of humour


Fun physical activity


First write it down – your goals, challenges, whatever. It will give you perspective later and keep you honest. Then take the Fresh foods and combine them several times throughout the day. Choose beautiful foods and appreciate them (e.g. this lovely fragrant pear and handful of roasted cashews are both a treat for my senses and a treat for my body). Also use your measuring cups, they help you to control portions. Simple as that you are halfway to a happy healthy you. Next add some movement, maybe mild low impact or really push yourself, just get active. Be creative, if you can’t get out due to weather and your little person is wants all your attention, turn on some music and have a tiny dance party. If they happen to think that lunges and squats are part of some family folk dance, where’s the harm. This is also where it is helpful to have both a good pair of shoes and a sense of humour. Now add WATER. Repeatedly. Very important. In fact as you read this go get a glass of water. Lastly, share your goals and thoughts with someone supportive, they will give you feedback, help keep you on track and hopefully pat you on the back when you need it.  Repeat daily and modify as needed. Don’t beat yourself down if you don’t succeed at everything everyday, sometimes we burn the toast or the chicken comes out a bit dry; you don’t stop cooking. Just do your best and start fresh everyday.

-Kirsten Sikora