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Caroline: Finally on the Summit!

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Top of the Summit

Where do I start? I’ve reached my summit and it was way easier than I thought it would be. And like all mountain climbers, I’ve already set a new goal of reaching a higher mountain. This one was high but my spark for competition was lit again, and as I’ve mentioned many times, it’s not all about competing with all the other moms in this challenge but competing with myself. I love challenging myself. My best friend exercises a lot and during the last few years I’ve thought, I have to get back into it too. She inspires me (you know who you are!). Ironically my husband was also editing a popular Canadian television show where families adopt healthier lifestyle choices and go on to lose weight. He would always ask my opinion about segments he’s edited. I would sit there in our home studio with headphones on and watch strangers changing their lives and see how proud they would be in the end and I would think, ‘I need to be like these people!!!’ Well, here I am! I have achieved it. This 8 week challenge is now over but this journey isn’t over for me and will never be, it’s not something I started with an end, it’s a challenge I have adopted and will keep pursuing.


Caroline: A Positive Plateau

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I have been talking about the mountain I am climbing and I think this week I have reached a plateau on that mountain. I have worked out hard with only one day rest, counted every calorie and my measurements and weight haven’t changed very much. I must admit it is a little disappointing and really deep down inside me, I would rather be on a mountain in the Alps skiing hard every single day, eating cheese fondue and drinking French wine. But my always wonderful and supportive husband reminded me that every week is different, that I shouldn’t be disappointed, that I should be proud of myself for working so hard and that my mood, my attitude, my life has changed for the better.


Caroline: Climbing my Mountain

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Week four is about to start and I can’t believe it, where did time go? When I was chosen as one of the five finalists I thought to myself, wow 8 weeks, this is quite a mountain to climb but I need to climb it, I need to prove myself I can do it. Well I’m almost half way up the mountain and I thought that mountain use to look like Everest, it’s more like a small mountain now, the summit is right there.