Week four is about to start and I can’t believe it, where did time go? When I was chosen as one of the five finalists I thought to myself, wow 8 weeks, this is quite a mountain to climb but I need to climb it, I need to prove myself I can do it. Well I’m almost half way up the mountain and I thought that mountain use to look like Everest, it’s more like a small mountain now, the summit is right there.

I have a dream of skiing the Haute Route in the French/Swiss Alps. It is a 180 KM hut-to-hut alpine tour done in about 7 days of ski touring in the winter or 12 days hiking in the summer (the summer one is for when Coco is going to be older). In the old shape I use to be, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, now I can see that I will be able to do it one day. My other childhood dream is to go trekking in the Himalayas, so being out of shape and overweight opened my eyes, I am not going to ruin these dreams because of  this sedentary lifestyle, both these trips require to be in the best of shapes so it’s time to change and the time is now!

This week I visited a friend who didn’t know I was doing this life changing program, last time we saw each other was about a month ago. When I walked into her house she had a surprised expression and said: “wow Caro, you lost some weight, are you working out?” I wanted to do a little dance it felt so darn good! I told her all about my journey and she was very supportive and impressed, it’s so good to talk about it. Another friend also said I have lost inches, so is my husband and I can tell too. My clothes are getting loose and I just can’t wait to do a kind of “What Not To Wear” in my closet and throw all my clothes in a charity bag, there’s going to be a lot of black!

On Sunday I did the Hard Core Cardio 3 as the schedule suggest but I thought I would challenge myself and decided to add another workout and did Upper Body. Considering it took all the little bit of will power I had left in me to do the first workout, deciding to do another workout while I was finishing the first one took me by surprise. Am I becoming really addicted?  It feels so good!

-Caroline Alarie