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Top Baby Names in Canada (2014 Edition)

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Every year, we feature the top girls and boys’ baby names across Canada, and this year certainly didn’t disappoint! We use lists put forth by Vital Statistics departments from across Canada’s provinces and territories. Did your baby’s name make the top 100? Or maybe you read our Unique Baby Names article because you didn’t want your little one on this list! Tell us in the comments! Unique or popular?

Presenting… The Top Baby Names in Canada 2014

Top Names for Girls in 2014:

1. Emma 26. Willa 51. Lydia 76. Grace
2. Olivia 27. Camille 52. Evelyn 77. Olive
3. Emily 28. Brooke 53. Hazel 78. Adelaide
4. Lily 29. Emmett 54. Everly 79. Louisa
5. Isabella 30. Ivy 55. Stella 80. Ada
6. Madison 31. Matilda 56. Ruby 81. Maisie
7. Lea 32. Amelia 57. Arabella 82. Rose
8. Abigail 33. Ellie 58. Esme 83. Evangeline
9. Ava 34. Maya 59. Willow 84. Caroline
10. Sophia 35. Gemma 60. Sadie 85. Kinsley
11. Harper 36. Scarlett 61. Luna 86. Lexi
12. Hannah 37. Aurora 62. Charlotte 87. Piper
13. Savannah 38. Avery 63. Seraphina 88. Mackenzie
14. Cora 39. Imogen 64. Violet 89. Clara
15. Elsa 40. Jade 65. Zoe 90. Eloise
16. Madeline 41. Hailey 66. Eleanor 91. Phoebe
17. Jane 42. Aubrey 67. Rosalie 92. Poppy
18. Ainsley 43. Lila 68. Claire 93. Aurelia
19. Genevieve 44. Chloe 69. Mia 94. Harlow
20. Lola 45. Maeve 70. Delilah 95. Eliza
21. Beatrice 46. Nora 71. Emmeline 96. Aria
22. Elizabeth 47. Josephine 72. Quinn 97. Mila
23. Mae 48. Audrey 73. Lucy 98. Iris
24. Peyton 49. Alice 74. Juliet 99. Ella
25. Cordelia 50. Penelope 75. Anabella 100. Zara

Top Names for Boys in 2014:

1. Liam 26. Nathan 51. Callum 76. Nathaniel
2. Ethan 27. Logan 52. Evan 77. Beckett
3. Mason 28. Felix 53. Landon 78. Zane
4. Benjamin 29. Atticus 54. Andrew 79. Oliver
5. Jacob 30. Kieran 55. Charles 80. Eli
6. Hunter 31. Nico 56. Lincoln 81. Micah
7. William 32. Grayson 57. Spencer 82. Emmett
8. Carter 33. Tristan 58. Gabriel 83. Levi
9. Aiden 34. Henry 59. Owen 84. Archer
10. Noah 35. Elijah 60. Ryder 85. Luca
11. Matthew 36. George 61. Bodhi 86. Elliot
12. Alexander 37. Jasper 62. Oscar 87. Charlie
13. Christian 38. Cameron 63. Luke 88. Leo
14. Theo 39. Quinn 64. James 89. Ezra
15. Blake 40. Simon 65. Miles 90. Zachary
16. August 41. Declan 66. Dylan 91. Rowan
17. Knox 42. Sebastian 67. Finn 92. Sawyer
18. Lucas 43. Milo 68. Rhys 93. Everett
19. Emerson 44. Hudson 69. Daniel 94. Avery
20. Caleb 45. Isaac 70. Finley 95. Wyatt
21. Jude 46. Hugo 71. Kai 96. Xavier
22. Harrison 47. Thomas 72. Arthur 97. Jackson
23. Connor 48. Nolan 73. Julian 98. Roman
24. Flynn 49. Jonah 74. Samuel 99. Axel
25. Asher 50. Max 75. Jack 100. Cooper

10 Things You Never Knew About Motherhood

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Motherhood is quite like running an unending marathon – it requires an immense amount of preparation, strength, flexibility, patience and determination. Before you become a mother, many will sound you off about the do’s and don’ts needed to master this life marathon. Only when you experience the run yourself will you truly enjoy the euphoria associated with each little victory and realize how every bit of your effort was worth it! Being a mother is unique for every woman in the world. Just how no two people in the world are alike, so is the experience of bringing them up equally different. Some, experiences, however, form a part of every mother’s life and leave a mark far beyond the baby-naming, breastfeeding, nappy-changing and sleepless nights! Here are ten things you never knew about motherhood (unless you are a mother, of course):

1.     Your Focus Will Shift From Yourself – Ever had your husband complain about how long you take to dress up before a party? When you become a mother, the complaining won’t stop; only now, it would be directed towards how long you take to dress your little one! Doing things for your kid will give you greater pleasure than doing anything for yourself.

 2. You Will Cherish Being At Home – If holidays mean traveling the length and breadth of the world with your partner, wait till you have a baby! You would want to spend all your free time at home playing and fooling around with your little one. You’ll cancel lunch dates with your girls, your monthly spa appointments, and many other commitments so you can cuddle with your cute little angel all day long. You won’t have any regrets!

3. You Will Become An Excellent Multitasker – Of the many life skills that being a mother teaches you, multitasking features high on top! You’ll learn to do everything, from cleaning your baby’s dirty diaper to cheering him up, while gearing up for his next meal, all together. You’ll play the roles of a chef, doctor, entertainer and caretaker all at once!

 4.     Your Child Will Be Your Therapy – The world raves about peaceful retreats to help calm the mind. Only a mother, however, knows that her child can light up her life with the greatest amount of happiness and harmony, beating every other therapy hollow. Looking at your kid sleep is indeed the most beautiful sight that can bust your stress in a matter of seconds.

5. You Will Grandly Celebrate Every Achievement Of Your Child – No matter how self-critical a person you might be, when it comes to your kid, you will be an unabashedly proud momma! You will fawn over everything from his smile to his cute talks and will want to capture and share everything he does with the world!

6. You’ll Be Amazed At Your Strength – The world may see women as the weaker sex, but the truth is that they are much stronger than what they get credit for! Experiencing over 12 hours of painful labor to going many nights without sleeping and keeping composure in the most stressful days of initial motherhood, is highly brave! Motherhood requires not only physical strength but also emotional and mental strength.

7. You Will Discover A New You – Though you were once known to be the most impatient and non-accommodating person in your group but when you become a mother, you’ll discover a whole new side to you. You’ll amaze everyone around with your patient and calm demeanor! No matter how big a problem might arise, you’ll handle it with an immense amount of composure.

8. Your Friend Circle May Change – From a gang of crazy girls to a gang of overanxious mothers, your friend circle may also change over the course of your motherhood. Given the drastic turnaround of things and situations after the arrival of your baby, needless to say, your equation with your pals is also likely to get impacted. When all you’ve left to talk about is your kids’ weird rash and his potty training stories, you need someone who can relate to your situation and share tips that have worked for them!

 9.     You Will Become A Nutrition Expert – Vitamins, minerals, calories, fiber content – all of these details of various foods will be at your fingertips when you become a mother. You will become extremely cautious about healthy-eating to be able to give your child the wholesome nutrition he needs to grow up into a healthy individual!

You Will Love Beyond Comprehension – One never truly learns the meaning of the word love until they become a parent. It’s only your child that you can love unconditionally, even more than you love yourself. It’s the most satisfying feeling to see your child flourish and grow more than you did! Your child will give your life a whole new purpose!

Most importantly, motherhood will make you realize that there isn’t anything else that could give you as much happiness as seeing your child smile! Not a perfect job, a lottery or a couture gown – nothing at all!

– Aradhana is a veteran writer on topics concerning parenting, child nutrition, wellness, health and lifestyle. As a regular contributor to popular sites like Huffington Post, Natural news, Elephant journal, Thehealthsite, Naturally Savvy, Curejoy and, Aradhana writes to inspire and motivate people to adopt healthy habits and live a stress-free lifestyle.


Baby Names for Boys in 2014

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When deciding on baby names for boys, often it is best to have a variety of suggestions and know the current trends. In 2014, mythological names, Spanish, unconventional spellings, Biblical references and 1940’s show business names are all on trend. When I was pregnant I had a ton of fun flipping through catalogues and newspapers to get ideas as well.

Baby Name Resources Online

Sometimes we get stuck with very common names. If you want something posh, stylish and fitting for your baby boy to be, you should take advantage of online baby name finders. Here you can find thousands of resources about the nicest baby boy names. We have unique names here too. You can set your search per syllable, origins, the meanings or the popular name settings. This will help you narrow down the category in which you which you want to work with for naming your baby. Some favourites include Nameberry and Baby Name Wizard.

Top Names for Boys

The top 5 traditional names for boys are Jacob, Ethan, Alexander, Michael and Daniel. There are hundreds of classic names that are being given to newborn baby boys. You might want to survey names of kids on your neighborhood if you want to get a really unique name for your child. It’s also helpful to check trends for your country, state or province. Google vital statistics and baby names and the most recent stats will pop up.

Baby Names and Meanings

Names often have meanings and regional or linguistic origins. Some names came from religious sources. You can use this category in order to find something meaningful to give to your child. Giving a name is not just legality. There is a very emotional and deep connection to a parent to name their child. It gives them the identity you earnestly wish they would have. You need to be aware of the meanings so you can also go for name dictionaries to find hundred thousand options for names. To check on the meaning of a name we like Behind the Name.

Celebrity Baby Names

You can name your child using celebrities from pop culture, history, literature, music, arts or fashion. Snag just about any tabloid in the grocery store line and the pages are filled with celebrity baby gossip. There are many iconic names but remember that these names have some historical background and this can really affect your child’s way of defining himself. We have a great Celebrity Baby Names list that is kept up to date.


Top Baby Names in Canada (2013 Edition)

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Most provinces in Canada publish vital statistics info for baby names used in the past year. We have compiled a list of top baby names in Canada for 2013. Now what we would love to do now is a list of the bottom 100! What is your tendency and how did you choose the name of your child? Popular baby names or unique? We wrote an article on where you begin when choosing a baby name that you might want to check out as well. Enjoy the list and be sure to share your favourite baby name(s) in the comment section!

Top Baby Names in Canada for 2013


Jewish Baby Names

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There is an ancient Jewish saying that ‘with each child, the world begins anew’.  Jewish mysticism regards an individual’s name as connected to their essential self.  Boys are given their Jewish or Hebrew name as part of the Bris Ceremony.   The name given may be Hebrew, Yiddish or a combination of both.   Choosing a Hebrew name for a baby is a serious responsibility as it charts a course for the body and soul of the individual and may well determine his or her future.  No pressure, though.

choosing baby names

Where Do You Begin When Choosing a Baby Name?

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Baby Names. Unique or Traditional? Family Name or Celebrity? Religious? What if it rhymes with a bad word…? The stress of choosing a name for your baby can be harder to deal with than worrying about whether to ask for an epidural. Will your family be insulted if you don’t include one of their names? What if you choose cousin Alan’s name instead of your father’s? How many times have you considered having a third child just to make sure every side of the family is appeased in the name game? Relax. This is your baby.

Top Unique Baby Names

Top Unique Baby Names

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If you are looking for a unique name for your baby, or you want a truly symbolic name, you need to know the top choices for the baby names that parents are selecting for their kids. Each name has a meaning, an origin this is the name that the child will be living with for the rest of his or her life. Give them the right name! Here is a list of the top 100 baby names for either girls and boys so that you can make your choices about which name you should go for (or which popular ones to avoid!).


Top 100 Baby Names in Canada

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Eeny-meeny miney mo…which baby names are “best of show”?  The names that people choose for their new bundles of joy are based on so many different factors. One of the top reasons that people give their child a particular name is due to the meaning of the name. From connotations like, “full of wisdom” and “strong, firm and impetuous” to meanings like “hollow” and “uncertain”, the name that you give your child carries some kind of significance in one light or another. Some parents feel like if they bestow their baby a name that transmits the implication that their child is “smart” or a “king”, that child will turn out to be what their name signifies and steer away from the names with negative connotations.


Baby Names: Staff Picks

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The Urban Mommies staff love baby names! The possibilities are endless and so much fun to brain storm. So over the next little while we will be featuring themed baby name articles and lists of our staff’s favourite baby names. First we have our Content Editor Danica Longair’s list of favourite baby names. Feel free to borrow some of her ideas! When you’re done reading her favourites, don’t forget to check out our Baby Name section for more great ideas!


Celebrity Baby Names

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Want a hip, cool name for your baby?  Check out the latest names in Hollywood.  You may have a bit of trouble finding personalized pencils at the dollar store, though…

The Girls…

Harlow (Nicole Ritchie & Joel Madden)
Nahla (Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry)
Stella (Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott)
Honor (Jessica Alba & Cash Warren)