Eeny-meeny miney mo…which baby names are “best of show”?  The names that people choose for their new bundles of joy are based on so many different factors. One of the top reasons that people give their child a particular name is due to the meaning of the name. From connotations like, “full of wisdom” and “strong, firm and impetuous” to meanings like “hollow” and “uncertain”, the name that you give your child carries some kind of significance in one light or another. Some parents feel like if they bestow their baby a name that transmits the implication that their child is “smart” or a “king”, that child will turn out to be what their name signifies and steer away from the names with negative connotations.

Other people decide to name their child after a grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle. Passing down family names has been a long-standing tradition that, although seems to have fallen by the wayside, still carries on the life of a loved one.

Then, there are those parents that want to name their new baby one of the top picks of a specific year. And then, on the other hand, there are the parents who would rather drop dead before they named their little one a very popular name that every other child in their class will bear, causing their child to state both their first and last name to differentiate themselves from their namesake throughout their school years.

Regardless of which reason parents have for choosing a baby name, one thing is for sure: there is always a “top baby names” list – and over the years, it is constantly changing. According to the British Columbia Ministry of Health (Vital Statistics Agency), these are the top 100 baby names in Canada:

Top 50 Girl’s Names                         Top 50 Boy’s Names

Alexis                                                                                              Adam

Alyssa                                                                                             Alexander

Amelia                                                                                            Austin

Anna                                                                                                Aiden

Audrey                                                                                            Andrew

Ava                                                                                                  Benjamin

Avery                                                                                              Carson

Brooklyn                                                                                        Carter

Charlotte                                                                                       Chase

Chloe                                                                                              Cole

Claire                                                                                             Connor

Elizabeth                                                                                       Daniel

Ella                                                                                                 David

Emily                                                                                             Dylan

Emma                                                                                            Ethan

Grace                                                                                             Evan

Hailey                                                                                            Gabriel

Hannah                                                                                         Gavin

Isabella                                                                                          Isaac

Isabelle                                                                                           Jack

Isla                                                                                                  Jackson

Jasmine                                                                                          Jacob

Jessica                                                                                            James

Julia                                                                                                Jayden

Kaitlyn                                                                                            Jordan

Katelyn                                                                                           Joshua

Leah                                                                                                Justin

Lily                                                                                                  Kai

Madison                                                                                         Levi

Maya                                                                                               Liam

Mia                                                                                                  Logan

Mya                                                                                                 Lucas

Naomi                                                                                            Marcus

Natalie                                                                                           Mason

Nevaeh                                                                                          Matthew

Olivia                                                                                             Michael

Paige                                                                                              Nathan

Peyton                                                                                           Nicholas

Samantha                                                                                      Noah

Sarah                                                                                              Oliver

Sienna                                                                                            Owen

Sierra                                                                                              Ryan

Sofia                                                                                                Ryder

Sophia                                                                                             Samuel

Sophie                                                                                             Thomas

Summer                                                                                          Tristan

Sydney                                                                                             Tyler

Taylor                                                                                               Tyson

Zoe                                                                                                    William

Which names did you like from the list? Are there any that you think they missed? Feel free to leave a comment mentioning your favorite baby name, for the record.