When deciding on baby names for boys, often it is best to have a variety of suggestions and know the current trends. In 2014, mythological names, Spanish, unconventional spellings, Biblical references and 1940’s show business names are all on trend. When I was pregnant I had a ton of fun flipping through catalogues and newspapers to get ideas as well.

Baby Name Resources Online

Sometimes we get stuck with very common names. If you want something posh, stylish and fitting for your baby boy to be, you should take advantage of online baby name finders. Here you can find thousands of resources about the nicest baby boy names. We have unique names here too. You can set your search per syllable, origins, the meanings or the popular name settings. This will help you narrow down the category in which you which you want to work with for naming your baby. Some favourites include Nameberry and Baby Name Wizard.

Top Names for Boys

The top 5 traditional names for boys are Jacob, Ethan, Alexander, Michael and Daniel. There are hundreds of classic names that are being given to newborn baby boys. You might want to survey names of kids on your neighborhood if you want to get a really unique name for your child. It’s also helpful to check trends for your country, state or province. Google vital statistics and baby names and the most recent stats will pop up.

Baby Names and Meanings

Names often have meanings and regional or linguistic origins. Some names came from religious sources. You can use this category in order to find something meaningful to give to your child. Giving a name is not just legality. There is a very emotional and deep connection to a parent to name their child. It gives them the identity you earnestly wish they would have. You need to be aware of the meanings so you can also go for name dictionaries to find hundred thousand options for names. To check on the meaning of a name we like Behind the Name.

Celebrity Baby Names

You can name your child using celebrities from pop culture, history, literature, music, arts or fashion. Snag just about any tabloid in the grocery store line and the pages are filled with celebrity baby gossip. There are many iconic names but remember that these names have some historical background and this can really affect your child’s way of defining himself. We have a great Celebrity Baby Names list that is kept up to date.