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"Purse n' Boots"- Elizabeth Anne Shoes

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Revised: We mistakenly published a piece on ‘Purse ‘n Boots’ by Elizabeth Anne Shoes, and our diligent readers made us aware of several issues with the company not fulfilling the orders. We have researched the company and would strongly recommend not having dealings with them. Articles/TV warning spots you can peruse about Purse ‘n Boots are as follows:

Better Business Bureau Complaints
Facebook Lawsuit
Facebook Complaints

We apologize for our short-sightedness, and thank our readers who made us aware of the issues with the company.

Are you a women who experiences the impracticality of carrying a purse on a daily basis? Are you sick of pant-pockets being too small to fit your essentials? Elizabeth Anne Shoes, a Canadian shoe store, has invented Purse n’ Boots- “The World’s First Purse for Your Feet.”  The shoes showcase patented secret pockets that are able to fit your cell phone, make up, credit cards, house keys, cash and passports. The pockets are hidden but the quality design and materials aren’t! Comfort and quality are emphasized in each and every design. These long-lasting, unique, stylish and practical boots are perfect for every women!

Purse n' boots


Top Baby Names in Canada (2013 Edition)

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Most provinces in Canada publish vital statistics info for baby names used in the past year. We have compiled a list of top baby names in Canada for 2013. Now what we would love to do now is a list of the bottom 100! What is your tendency and how did you choose the name of your child? Popular baby names or unique? We wrote an article on where you begin when choosing a baby name that you might want to check out as well. Enjoy the list and be sure to share your favourite baby name(s) in the comment section!

Top Baby Names in Canada for 2013