If you are looking for a unique name for your baby, or you want a truly symbolic name, you need to know the top choices for the baby names that parents are selecting for their kids. Each name has a meaning, an origin this is the name that the child will be living with for the rest of his or her life. Give them the right name! Here is a list of the top 100 baby names for either girls and boys so that you can make your choices about which name you should go for (or which popular ones to avoid!).

For girls, the names Isabella, Sophia, Emma, Olivia and Ava are on the top 5. For boys, the top 5 on the list are Aiden, Ethan Jackson, Jayden and Jacob. These names were results from surveys from hundreds and thousands of new parents who just had kids. In selecting names, parents consider a variety of things. These could be based on religious images or icons, saints and any affiliated names. Some names are also inspired by names of parents or even relatives. In some cases, parents choose names from popular celebrities. Choosing from a massive pool of names can be very difficult. Sometimes, parents try to match the names of their kids for the meanings implied on names or the virtues they hold. Some royalties and monarchs of the past can also be great sources of names.

How do you find names online?

Looking for names online is so much easier nowadays. Baby name finders can be accessed on many websites. With this simple and intuitive search engine for baby names, you can find hundreds and millions of unique, popular and foreign names. You can also make a search on baby name meanings so that you know what the name your child means. You can even search names with certain number of syllables. Hard to write or pronounce names may be attractive for some but unless you have the patience to teach the name and that you will not misspell the name, you better go for unique yet easy to write and speak names.

Names that are popular these days can also be androgynous or can apply for both girl and boy. Names like Sam, Morgan and Riley are very popular nowadays. In choosing names, both parents should agree with the names that will be given. In some cases, parent combine two names into one name or just include both into the full name of the child. Name combinations are very popular so try to mix up the names.

In some cases, parents also include names of countries, cities or landmarks to add a unique touch to the names. From London, Paris, and other posh names, these are popularized by some notable celebrities. Sometimes parents also veer away from celebrity names since some have negative connotations in them. Giving names is a really tough job for parents so while the child is being conceived, find suggestions or even hold parties dedicated to giving unique name suggestions. This will make the name very memorable and very special for your child. Do you have a few others? Please leave them in the comments!!

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