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Finally, the Little Black Shoe is here. Moms, take note.

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Every mom knows the importance of a perfect LBD. It’s the one thing in your closet you can count on to make you feel comfortable and pretty at once, transforming you from the frazzled mom who just spent the morning scrubbing poo off of a pink stuffed elephant, into an elegant, got-it-together emblem of supreme womanhood. And if you have a little black dress that goes from the playground to date night—even better.

look for helpers

Look for helpers, Little One: A Love Story

GEAR, style By June 22, 2016 31 Comments

Today we were watching Freebirds, a movie about a pair of turkeys who travel back in time to eradicate Thanksgiving. My almost-two-year-old was captivated; he’s really into bird movies. Anyway, *spoiler alert* at the end of the film a tribe of early turkeys from the 1600s mourn the loss of their great leader by flapping their wings forward in a circular motion to create a swirling tribute of scattered feathers, spiraling up into the air. It’s a moving moment in the film and I looked down at my sweet son and saw that he was emulating their actions with his arms, slowly windmilling in a beautiful, almost spiritual show of empathy.

I was moved. It dawned on me that I thought of him as a baby still, incapable of understanding this subtle show of sadness and love. It’s true, his day-to-day temperament veers sharply from terrible toddler displays of frustration to sheer unadulterated joy, but this…this was something else.

muslin clothing

How to swaddle a baby in Aden + Anais muslin swaddles

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We all know/love Aden + Anais for their delicious muslin swaddles, made famous by everyone—from just about every baby-toting celeb on the planet, to every mom in the know—but now they’re batting it out of the park again with their new muslin clothing line. With kimono tops, strategic snaps and covered zippers, I’m wishing they came in mommy sizes.

The New Summer Mom Style is Chic not Shabby.

Summer Mom Style is Chic, not Shabby

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Spring has certainly sprung across North America, but in my wardrobe—not so much. B.K. (Before Kids), I prided myself on keeping up with seasonal trends, but these days it takes an intervention before I realize that I’m still sporting maternity leggings and ratty nursing tanks. Rather than wait to be accosted by the proverbial Stacey and Clinton, I decided to get proactive and consult with some of my most fashionable friends, followed by an insane amount of “research” in the Pinterest hole. The good news? I’ve decided to share everything that I learned and thus have compiled this season’s ‘Must-Haves for Moms.’ That’s right—here are the crib notes on summer mom style.


Summer Style Tips for 2016 from Celebrity Stylist Lara Backmender

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We were so excited to get the FIRST taste of the summer trends by celebrity stylist Lara Backmender whose clients include—wait for it—Demi Lovato, Hayden Panetiere, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Lucy Hale, Miley Cyrus, Naomi Watts, Nina Debrev, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlet Johannson, Taylor Swift, Whitney Port and Zoey Deschanel. Seriously, I had to list them all.

What we want from summer style is easy, fresh, and versatile (mix-and-match is a must). Lara styled five outfits for attendees of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and used key, comfy pieces from Hanes to complete the outfits. And they meet all of our criteria.

Go Canada for Mothers Day

Go Canada for Mothers Day

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Whether it was the epic Canadian fashion sported by Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau and Michelle Obama at the recent White House state dinner or the new sense of hope and ‘cool’ that has descended over our beaver and toque-loving nation, our first Mother’s Day Gift Guide features all things Canadian. And yes, for you American readers, it means that the prices are about 25% less than what we are publishing so your purchasing power will go even farther for MOM! Let’s Go Canada for Mothers Day this year!


What’s All The Buzz About Jenny Beavan?

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Photo Credit: Reuters/Mike Blake

It’s not surprising that two days after the Oscars everyone still buzzing about the display of fashion on Hollywood’s biggest night. What may be surprising is the lady getting the most attention is none other than Jenny Beavan, who took home the trophy for Best Costume Design. The twist is it’s not her award-winning designs from Mad Max Fury Road that has the internet all atwitter; rather it’s a dust-up about her choice to wear an off-the-rack faux-leather jacket and slacks to what is considered a traditional black-tie and formal frock event.


Transition Your Wardrobe and Makeup for Spring

beauty, GEAR, style By February 28, 2016 1 Comment

 I decided a few years ago to embrace this time of year. It is the gateway to spring, and NOTHING makes me happier than spring. Brand new grass and buds on the trees, sweet smelling flowers and pastel bunny decor. It doesn’t get much better. (Well, until summer arrives and we are surrounded by all things lush and tropical, but that is an ENTIRELY different post…)


Staying Beautiful in the Winter …Naturally!

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If you’re looking for a way to treat your skin right this winter, you may want to go natural. There are a million reasons to use naturally-derived, green products on your skin instead of ones laden with chemicals and petroleum-derived byproducts, but I won’t bore you with the details here. Instead, I’ll inspire you with these fantastic facial care products that will quench your skin without harming it.