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Three Essential Workout Items to Keep You Happy

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After turning 40, I knew that it was going to be time to start getting serious about working out. Being a naturally thin person for most of my adult life, I was really able to keep my weight down, and a pretty decent amount of muscle tone, even though I wasn’t working out very regularly. I’ve never cared for getting sweaty, and 18would rather spend my time window-shopping or writing or crafting. But after hitting the 4 decade milestone, I noticed that my pants started getting a little tighter, that muffin-top got more pronounced, and generally I just didn’t feel as tight anymore.

5 ways to stay fit as a family in winter

Five Ways To Stay Fit As A Family In Winter

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It’s hard to stay fit as a family in winter months.  Between the hectic holiday madness, the shorter days and holiday treats, regular exercise gets put on the backburner.  Throw in cold weather, snow and a desire to drink wine under a blanket on the couch, it’s pretty easy to justify not moving for most of the winter.


10 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

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Winter Activities for KidsWhat a winter we have had! But the cold should not keep Canadian families indoors.  Bundle up, get outside and get physically active every day with one of our 10 outdoor winter activities for kids.  Why?  Because active play is essential to every child’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social development—even in winter.  Unfortunately, one study shows Canadian kids spend only three hours per week playing actively in the winter, compared to four and a half hours in summer.  (via A part of this lack of play during the winter months is due to the four main barriers to play; safety concerns, too much screen time, unruly weather and not enough hours in the day.

What is Safe During Pregnancy

What is Safe During Pregnancy?

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Many a newly pregnant woman has several panic attacks when she realizes that pregnancy means changing some habits.  What is safe during pregnancy?  Can I dye my hair? Eat Sushi? What about nail polish fumes and second hand smoke?  And the stress that all of these questions are causing. UrbanMommies has pulled together articles and advice from our medical experts to help you navigate the beautiful months while pregnant.  Breathe, relax, and remember that moderation and instinct should always remain in the equation.  As with anything, your doctor or midwife should be consulted if you are concerned about any issues you are having.


Stephanie's Exercise of the Week – Row the Boat

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Exercise of the Week:  Row, Row, Row the boat.

Fitness on the Go also offers sessions to train with a friend. So I invited my friend, neighbor and fellow Top 10 finalist Sarah to participate in a workout so we could learn some useful partner exercises. Sarah is a wonderful mother that is trying, like all of us, to get back in shape after having 3 kids.


Stephanie's Exercise of the Week

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Exercise of the week: Plank


Trying to squeeze back in your pre pregnancy jeans can be a struggle for some. I have found the Plank exercise to be very helpful in getting me back into those Jeans this week!

The plank position will also do wonders for your core muscles which in turn will help protect your back from injuries when hauling your groceries into the house.