Exercise of the week: Plank


Trying to squeeze back in your pre pregnancy jeans can be a struggle for some. I have found the Plank exercise to be very helpful in getting me back into those Jeans this week!

The plank position will also do wonders for your core muscles which in turn will help protect your back from injuries when hauling your groceries into the house.

I love this exercise because you don’t get sweaty, you can do it in your pajamas, you don’t need any special equipment and most of all you can see results in your abdominal strength within a few days.

Basic Plank position

Fitness Plank Position

Step 1: Start by lying face down on the ground. Place your elbows and forearms underneath your chest

Step 2: Lift your hips to form a bridge using your toes and forearms to support yourself.

Step 3: Hold your hips up but keep your back flat. Engage your abdominal muscles. It should feel like someone is pulling your belly button inwards with a string. Hold this position for up to a minute. When I started I could only hold this pose for about 15 seconds until I needed a break. Take a break when you need to and then try again.


Plank with Butt raise

Not as sexy as it sounds.


Plank Butt Raise Fitness

Step 1: Follow above steps to hold basic plank position

Step 2: Keeping your back flat and legs straight lift your hips into the air.

Step 3: Return to start position and repeat for up to a minute.

I like to use M underneath me as motivation to hold this position longer. I mean you wouldn’t want to squish that much cuteness. L loves to workout with me. She is quite concerned about me wearing my shoes inside and I think I might have to buy an extra workout mat for her to cut down on the tantrums but I still love the company.

I will be doing the plank this week during commercial breaks or when I reheat food in the microwave. How are you going to incorporate exercise in your life this week?

– Stephanie Raposo