Especially during summer vacation, we have to keep our toddlers busy, hydrated and burning energy.  I for one run out of exercise ideas faster than I get boring with making school lunches!  We asked you to send us toddler energy buster ideas and tips.. here they are!

1.  Go out for a walk, but instead of pushing toddler in the stroller let him/ her
bush the stroller ( BOB has a lower bar that is perfect toddler bend over height for pushing!)
2.  Swimming!
3.  Take basketball loving toddler outside to a basketball court and have fun
trying to throw balls in the very high basket, dribbling and passing to mommy or daddy.
4.  For our three year old who is non stop energy the activities we do are swimming (excellent to go after dinner to tire him out for bedtime)
5.  Jump on the trampoline
6.  A sport variety ball so he can shake all the sillys out while learning of the many different sports (it ends up being a workout for us to!)
7.  Play three little pigs – wolf chases the pigs around till their warn out.
8. Put bed mattress on floor -jump! jump! jump!
9.  McDonald’s play place – have a coffee and let them rip!
10.  Crank the tunes and have a dance party in the living room
11.  Freeze tag in the backyard
12.  Blow bubbles and chase them!
13.  Gymnastics (formal or at home)
14.  Peek-a-boo tag (or any variation there of) – always good for chasing an irritating/irritated sibling
15.  As much as we are not liking the transition, taking away the nap because then our little one is willing to go to bed at bed time
16.  Play in the sprinkler!
17.  Dancing…always ready for bed after dance time
18.  Walk to the local park, chasing the dog around the field…good exercise for the whole family!
19.  Crazy cleanup – we race around the house picking up one toy at a time and running it all over until we get to it’s home.  repeat … (bonus – you’re cleaning up while they’re tuckering themselves out)
20.  Dance – turn on the radio and dance around the room.  If they have a favourite song, play it over and over (cd/mp3) until they are tired of dancing
21.  Tcklefest – tickle each other, wrestle, roll around until you are all dizzy from laughing.
22.  Make it a “family” cleaning day around the house – get them to push the Swiffer dust mop (the handle is height adjustable) or to “sort” the laundry into piles
23.  Put some music on and everyone gets dancing – it’s infectious
24.  Do “workout” together – take a soccer ball outside or kite, etc. or be creative and just a bucket and shovel to find “treasures”
25.  Make them run laps on the beach and give them a sticker for every lap.

Good luck!!