traveling with babies

Traveling with Babies – Tips for Parents

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Getting out of the house with infants can be a challenge. It takes lots of preparation and a carefully orchestrated strategy to leave the house without forgetting something and with everyone still smiling. Traveling with babies is the same, but with more stuff. You have to consider whether your destination has the equipment you use at home, specifically cribs, high chairs, bouncy chairs, play mats, toys, and anything else you may need on a daily basis.

2019 UrbanMommies Holiday Gift Guide

The 2019 UrbanMommies Holiday Gift Guide

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Every year it gets harder and harder!!!! And more and more fun – to scour the corners of the internet in order to find unique holiday gifts for our readers. Over the past few years, we have been getting more microscopic in focus. Where we once singled out gifts for moms or grandparents, I realized that every individual has unique interests and loves. It’s far easier to shop for gifts on a triathlete or racquet sports list than going through a general one. So, without further blabbering, here they are. And below I have also included past ideas that might stimulate your imagination! Some of the links pay a small percentage of revenue to UrbanMommies if you should purchase something. This is how I keep the site going and as always, every single item in our gift guide is hand-chosen and not sponsored. Enjoy!

Triathlete Gift Ideas

Gifts for Triathletes

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Me, you say? Bwa ha ha!!! No, my brother-in-law just did a full Ironman and even the nephews are doing races for kids! I can badly swim, bike and run, but I turned to the experts for help on this guide to gifts for triathletes. (I’ve been known to run in heels).

Cool Dad Gifts

Unique Gifts for Dads

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I’ve been irritated lately about haters on social media who criticize moms who travel for work, uttering ‘You should be home with the kids. Who’s watching them?’ Shut up. Um, their FATHERS are watching them. Because they are equally the parents. So here’s one for the guys, our true partners in parenting. Presenting this year’s unique gifts for dads.

Gifts for tiny babies

Tiny Baby Gift Guide

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What a blessing to have a tiny baby to buy gifts for!!! Well, they are always kindof for the parents, but seeing photos of them in outfits or with toys you have given always makes the heart sing. So here is this year’s tiny baby gift guide. Anything that can help a family with a new little one!

Cool gifts for Mom

Unique Gifts for Mom

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This year I am laughing as I prepare this guide, as I can hardly think of anything!! I suppose that means it’s time for some self-care on my end! Having just been to Fiji helps a ton, and ideas are finally flooding as I type. Because moms deserve to feel special – even if it takes a bit of convincing for them to believe it. Maybe you can add some in the comments as well, but here are 10 unique gifts for mom!

Gifts for the travel lover.

Unique Wanderlust Traveler Gifts

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For those who love travel as much as I do, every item you curate that makes it into the bag has to be pretty special. These are this year’s unique wanderlust traveler gifts. Some of these are favourite brands we have featured in years past with new additions to their roster and some are fresh and new.