Healthy Spring Quinoa Bowls

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Diala’s Kitchen is one of my favourite new food blog obsessions and after getting gluttonous on the (terrible, curse on whoever invented this) “Eat What You Want Day” with a bowl of popcorn to carry me through from breakfast to lunch, an inhaled curry pad thai for dinner, and half a huge bag of dark choc almonds to follow—let’s just say that I woke up this morning hungover, overcome with guilt, and looking to redeem myself.

Diala to the rescue with a dish that’s fresh, healthy, totally yummy, and makes me feel like I might not have to wear a T-shirt over my swimsuit during baby swimming lessons this summer.


Planning for Retirement as Part of Canada’s Flexforce

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When UrbanMommies began almost 12 years ago, I looked at other bloggers and freelancers and became giddy at the thought of the flexibility and freedom my company could provide. Other Moms had given up steady jobs to write books, manufacture baby slings or start companies like mine. There seemed to be a huge shift. All around me, new parents were operating as gig workers, some were creative freelancers and others postponed their careers, pursuing higher education and training instead.


How Apple Screen Time Can Help Your Family

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Screen time is a big debate, particularly when you have middle schoolers. Some people think kids are on their phones too much, some people aren’t too worried. In our world, screens are a necessity, a connector and also learning tools – parents just may want to ensure that their kids are using them in a balanced way. Whatever comfort level parents have, the common thread is wanting to be able to make the best choices that reflect their values. That’s why I love Apple’s Screen Time function. Apple doesn’t tell you how to parent – they just give you the tools and data to be able to make the decisions that are right for your family. 

Staying healthy for school

Staying Healthy for School and Playtime

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I love a morning that runs smoothly, without having to apologize to the school administrator for being late or absent! Some days, organizing breakfast, lunches and ensuring homework gets put properly in the backpack can be stressful. This is even more the case if there are sniffles, coughs, and the constant requests to stay home from school due to illness. Colds and flu put a monkey wrench into the lives of every family. The good news is that there is an easy way to reduce the disruption! In a new clinical study, children age 4 – 12 years old who took Echinaforce Junior reported 33% fewer cold and flus. Sign me up!

Chinese new year light

It’s the Year of the Pig!

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Happy Chinese New Year! While we may celebrate with lanterns and coins, there are also a few free, family-friendly ways to share the love and embrace the new year! If you’re an Apple aficionado like we are, there’s lots to share from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Our fav is, of course, the iMessage special effects, just like when you type ‘Congratulations’ or ‘Happy Birthday’. The iOS red envelope and lantern emojis are also high on the list!

sushi at Beaches Resort

How to Make Sushi Like at Beaches Resorts

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There is something decadent and phenomenally special about perfectly formed sushi rolls scattered across a rectangular plate. The chefs at Beaches Turks and Caicos Soy restaurant know this all too well. While at the Beaches Mom’s conference in October I got my first sushi rolling lesson and can say that I’m hooked?!? Like the tuna was that ended up inside covered with spicy sauce! It was unbelievable, you have to try it for yourself. With these handy instructions, you can do so right in the comfort of your own home (though I think you should fly down and try it firsthand, it’s worth it!)


Remembering the Disney Magic

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I can remember the smells of my favourite childhood memories. They stick with you, weaving into the happy times and letting them take a stronger hold on your brain. I remember my first trip to Disney, how we all piled into my Aunt and Uncle’s van and went on a big adventure. It was all so magical. Then, later I remember going with my mom and watching my sisters enjoy Disney for the first time. There’s 12 years between me and my younger sisters and seeing them that joyful just made my whole life.

Why the World Needs Disney Magic

Why the World Needs Disney Magic

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I’ve been having trouble writing about fun and beautiful things. My job as a writer has felt dichotomous with the constant stream of deep, horrific bits of news and political diatribe. The constant narrative in my head: What I may say or think about joyous lifestyle topics can’t matter because we have to be vigilant. We have to focus on women’s rights and conservative theory and global warming. Who needs a new pie recipe when our idyllic world is crashing down around us? It must be irresponsible of me to report on smile-inducing lifestyle items when I am so well known as a sexual assault survivor in a time when I should make my voice heard.

Best Friend Gift Guide

2018 Best Friend Gift Guide

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There’s nothing quite like a best friend. And there are SO many perfect gifts out there! With my besties in my mind, there are a few things that I’ve been saving up for, so wanted to share them with you. Every kindred spirit has many facets to their personality. Whether it’s spirituality, a love of popcorn, or impeccable skin care, we tried to help out the holiday best friend gift search!