Mirror Lake Inn and Whiteface in Lake Placid

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People have called me a romantic on steroids. Personally, I think they are actually underestimating my tendencies. There are two hoop skirts in the closet, and summer must include multiple picnics with a book of poetry tucked into the basket. You can imagine my glee when we rolled through the flag-draped town of Lake Placid and pulled up to the historic Mirror Lake Inn.

Spooky and Safe Halloween Activities Across Canada

Spooky and Safe Halloween Activities Across Canada

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I am in love with halloween. All holidays, actually but especially this one. Growing up with lots of rules and protocol, this was the time I could be something totally different. As a little girl I chose to be a variation of a princess almost every year, except the one time I was a Pink Lady with a poodle skirt. (Don’t worry, I’m currently reading Glennon Doyle’s ‘Untamed’ and it certainly makes a ton of sense.) As I mature, I can stand for a few spookier, more intellectual Halloween exploits. Here are a few spooky Halloween activities for you to enjoy in cities across Canada.

Pandemic halloween

A Pandemic Halloween

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Hallowe’en is my favourite. Without the pressure (and now grief) of Christmas, the whimsy and fun captivates every sensibility in me. I remember in grade 2 getting my tonsils and adenoids out and having to miss it. DEVASTATED. But each kid in my class made a huge envelope filled with cards because they and the teacher felt so sorry for me.

Fall Mushroom Soup

Fall Mushroom Soup

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Nothing embodies the earthy flavours of autumn more that mushrooms. The Japanese word ‘umame’ means a taste sensation produced by glutamates. It’s sometimes considered a 5th basic taste along with bitter, sweet, salty and sour. And mushrooms dish this out in spades.


Allergy-Friendly School Snacks

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This morning I made the school lunches and then opened my son’s backpack only to find a note stating that in addition to nuts, there was a severe allergy in his class that prevents me from packing any food containing cooked or un-cooked eggs. No meatballs, pancake bites, egg-containing breads or pizza dough. I can totally handle the restrictions but I feel so very sorry for all families that must deal with scary allergies. It’s a tough world we live in, and I can’t imagine the level of anxiety the child and parents feel trusting other parents to pack egg-free lunches in order to be safe in the classroom.

seperation anxiety

Dealing with Separation Anxiety when Kids Return to School

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Dealing with separation anxiety when kids return to school can be heartbreaking.  Whether kindergarten or university, many parents struggle with tears and phone calls during this time of change.  It takes strength and trust in the teachers to leave your child in a state of duress.  Here are a few ideas of what may help to mitigate the anxiety for both of you.


The After-School Meditation Challenge

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What’s more stressful than trying to get the kids off to school in the morning? (Besides a pandemic). It has to be that moment when we walk in the door after school. Everyone is tired and grumpy. After sitting in the long, slow carpool lines and battling traffic on the drive home, I am irritated and impatient. My kids have a million stories about their day, competing with each other to get a word in, while getting louder and louder. When we get home I feel rushed to unpack the lunch bags and backpacks. There are homework planners to sign, papers to file away, dirty lunch containers to clean, and school flyers to read. And then the homework hoopla begins. 

Drake Hotel Toronto

The Drake Hotel Toronto

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Not sure where to start.  I’m not really as cool as I like to think I am.  And the Drake is a bit out of my league on the funkiness scale.  With a photobooth in the lobby, a balloon chandelier, and 1970’s touches in the studio (‘crash pad’) rooms, this place was.. the bomb.  On a cool scale?  I felt 200%.  The bathroom is incorporated into the room, kind of at the end of your bed.  The staff have nose rings and tight plaid pants like the hip golfers in the PGA Tour.

In the neighbourhood of Queen West I found shopping like none other. Vintage shops, personalized cufflinks, bespoke men’s suits, organic t-shirts and  vintage dresses.  What more could a girl want?

The room reminded me of my dorm at Queen’s University, but with a minibar and a ton of kitch. Back at my alma mater, I was more Laura Ashley and Ralph Lauren than funk. And now I had good wine, great linens, a space-age coffeemaker and spiritual sculpture gardens outside the windows in the hall.

The General Store downstairs offered lots of mementos and the bar are was on-trend.  My Toronto colleagues made the trek to meet me there and we had a great feed of nachos and wine.  I was able to zip downtown on the streetcar in less than 15 minutes.

Since I visited last, they have added a modern wing. Same style. Same cool factor.

I just wish I were there during the Toronto International Film Festival – TIFF.  Because if I were uber cool, this is where I’d hang.