Nail Polish Fumes and Pregnancy

Are Nail Polish Fumes Safe During Pregnancy?

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Q: I am a part time esthetician, and go to client’s homes to give manicures and pedicures. No artificials are used, so the fumes are straight from the regular nail polish bottles. Now that. I am trying to get pregnant, I am wondering if I should stop doing my house calls till all is said and done, or is it ok that I continue doing mani’s and pedi’s throughout my pregnancy?

Cloth Diapering Basics

Cloth Diapering Basics

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Cloth diapers are making a comeback. I used them with both of my kids and didn’t even have a service! Diaper rash was almost non-existant, as were blowouts. Thank the diaper gods for that..  Reusable cloth diapers are increasingly becoming a household fixture for new families. Parents are more conscious of their choices for their children, more mindful of their spending habits and more aware of how their choices affect the environment.  We have some cloth diapering basics to help you make a good decision.


41 Secret Travel Tips for Beaches Turks and Caicos

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I’m so in love. The 50 shades of blue (you thought I was going to say grey, didn’t you?) of the water, the white sand and above all the service. Where? Beaches Turks and Caicos. Having been to the resort a few times for the Social Media on the Sand conference, I know the resort extremely well. But even so, I learn more every time. Here are some secret travel tips that will help you get even more out of your stay at Beaches.


How To Teach Your Baby Sign Language

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It has been proven that both parents and infants benefit from using sign language. Benefits include improved communication, trust building, strengthening parent/child bond, promotion of positive emotional development, bolstering babies’ self confidence, helping babies learn to talk and jumpstarting intellectual development.

Flights on the Runway

Flying Air Canada With Kids

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Guess what I did once? I checked all of my baby’s diapers and changes of clothes in our luggage. On a 4 hour flight. Thankfully, a kind gentleman on our Air Canada plane saved the day by buying diapers during the stopover and sending them to me on the plane! Little did I know that Air Canada keeps necessities like this in airports for bad parents like me. (I still recommend taking your own though!) With so many families exploring the world, Air Canada is doing even more to enhance the experience of traveling with kids. 


Signs You Might Be Having Twins

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When I was about 10 weeks pregnant I was very excited to see my doctor, because the pregnancy was advanced enough to be able to hear my baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler. We heard it, and it was unbelievable. It made everything seem real – there was, in fact, a baby on the way. I joked to my practitioner at the time, ‘there’s only one in there, right?’ She laughed and said no way was I having twins, I had barely gained any weight and besides, we could only hear one heartbeat.