I decided a few years ago to embrace this time of year. It is the gateway to spring, and NOTHING makes me happier than spring. Brand new grass and buds on the trees, sweet smelling flowers and pastel bunny decor. It doesn’t get much better. (Well, until summer arrives and we are surrounded by all things lush and tropical, but that is an ENTIRELY different post…)

I have found that the easiest way to distract myself from the lingering weeks of winter and focus on spring is to transition my bundled-up winter fashion and cold weather makeup to lighter and airy choices. This can be a daunting task when a glance outside your window looks more like the frozen tundra than a spring fantasy.

But worry not! I am here to help you figure out how to start mixing a few key spring pieces into your winter wardrobe and I have tips on how to create a simple spring inspired make-up look.


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 Let’s start with your wardrobe. Winter is all about heavy knits and cozy woolens. Spring is more gauze and light silks. How can two seemingly opposite fashions ever find common ground? Here are my five easy tips for creating the perfect winter to spring transition wardrobe:

  1. Layers! While the days are getting warmer and longer, winter’s icy chill can still be felt in most areas. Light and breezy tops have to be paired with winter ready cardigans to create a gorgeous juxtaposition and keep you warm. If the temperature is still down right cold where you live, try layering a blazer over your cardigan.
  2. Color! Start adding splashes of color to your winter staples. Replace a heavy knit scarf with a lighter, brighter gauze one. This tiny little accessory switch will transition your entire outfit.
  3. Lightweight colored denim! A pair of light pink or lavender skinny jeans scream spring. Pair them with a white top and cozy sweater and you have an on-point and fresh transitional outfit.
  4. Get inspired! Namely, inspired by the 70s. This fashion trend was seen ALL over the spring runways. From fringe to wide leg pants to off the shoulder tops, the 70s were are all the rage. Mix one boho inspired piece into your winter wardrobe to give it an instantly updated feel.
  5. Have fun! Spring is about new beginnings and fresh starts. Reinvent yourself! Go shopping and find that one item that speaks to you and start wearing it now. Don’t wait for that mercury to finally rise!

Now it is time to move onto your makeup routine. Here are my five favorite perfect-for-spring tips:

  1. Moisturize! It may be getting warmer during the day but chilly nights mean the heat is still on and our skin is being robbed of all it’s moisture. I like to apply a heavier moisturizing cream while I sleep and a lighter moisturizing lotion with SPF for day.
  2. Lighten up! I tend to use a heavier hand in the colder months when it comes to foundation. In spring and summer I like to switch to something lighter like a BB or CC cream. I am a big supporter of letting our natural skin show through. Embrace those freckles!
  3. Brighten up your eyes! I usually take a break this time of year from my typical liquid winged eye of the coldest months. During the transition to spring I like to use a white waterproof liner on my bottom waterline and use a soft brown shadow as a liner on my top lash line. I pair that with softer neutral shadows with hints of pinks and lilacs to create a soft, bright eye.
  4. Shine on! Glowing skin, to me, is the ultimate sign of a spring look. Ditch the matte winter skin and highlight your face to create a healthy sparkle. I like to use a combo of a light bronzer and a golden highlight shade to contour and create that did-she-just-come-back-from-vacation glow.
  5. Kiss darker lips goodbye! Matte lip colors were (and still are!) a major beauty trend but for spring I am seeing a bit more shine and a lot of reds. My trick is to pair my favorite matte red with a lighter gloss for a transitional look that is seasonably spot on.

While nobody likes to wait for sunshine, I hope these tips help you to transition your winter beauty and fashion into spring. I promise warmer weather and abundant sunshine is just around the corner and until then, stay gorgeous!

Transition your wardrobe and makeup for spring