Let’s admit it. The winter has been long, with hardship, war and strife all over the media. Politics seems messy. Grocery prices are off the charts. And social media seems to drag us all down even further. Oh – I forgot about AI completely changing the narrative (either deep fake or simply with processes at work). So this Valentine’s day I think it’s worth focusing on gifts that heal, soothe and put people in a positive frame of mind (whether or not you may had a date on the 14th).

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  1. The Verilux Happy Light. My son stole mine and uses it at his desk for motivation and to put him in a more positive frame of mind. Personally I want them for every room. It’s UV-free, and LED, helping with sleep and mood. You can also control the light level. Amazon: $64.99
  2. Goodable uses state-of-the-art technology and science to create daily content feeds filled with wholesome, healthy programming that you’ll love. It’s the cure to doom-scrolling. Their content feeds are proven through multiple clinical trials to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by as much as 64%. SIGN ME UP. The Goodable app is available free on iOS and Android, but a great gift could be the extra content you can access for $4.99/month or $44.98/year.
  3. Yes I’m a sucker for social media ads. But this time, when my husband was having insomnia and tried Wellamoon sleep patches, we were sold. Filled with magnesium, valerian root, melatonin and hops, the slow release of the stick-on patch really works! Wellamoon: 28 patches for US$17.95.
  4. Ready for a romantic jaunt to Broadway? The Notebook is a new musical based on the best selling novel that inspired the iconic film. Allie and Noah, both from different worlds, share a lifetime of love despite the forces that threaten to pull them apart, in a deeply moving portrait of the enduring power of love. Opening on March 14, 2024 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, the tear-jerking story features music and lyrics penned by indie-pop artist Ingrid Michaelson. Tickets from US $125.
  5. Lover’s Tempo is a Vancouver-based jeweller that truly inspires joy. Founder Elaine Kim Smith’s love story with jewelry started with a booth at a maker’s market at her university in Vancouver, Canada. Her Dad helped her set it up, complete with twinkle lights and an immersive experience hosted by Elaine. When you entered her booth, you got lost in her world. Every detail was considered. It’s the same today (except way bigger with their reasonably-priced pieces being sold at over 500 different retailers). Their 7″ Staple-chain toggle bracelet is also on sale. $40 from Lover’s Tempo.
  6. Nature of Things beauty and wellness goes beyond the clean, plant-based and botanical narratives. It incorporates the ingredients crafted through fire, air, water and raw earth that have informed natural remedies for self care throughout the ages. For travel, this $14 Hair Condition Concentrate is beyond wonderful. Nature of Things.
  7. Resthouse is a Victoria-based luxury bedding company, and I could skip the sleep patches by using their pillows! The Kakūn Wool Pillow is made with 100% GOTS Certified organic wool pearl filling that increases loft and bounce and can be added or removed so you can achieve ideal head and neck alignment, and support. It’s perfect for side sleepers, regulates temperature, wicks away moisture, is hypoallergenic, and is dust mite and fire-resistant. Luxurious Kakūn organic cotton canvas pillow protector included. Resthouse standard pillow is $199.
  8. BondiBoost, the best-selling Australian hair care brand has a new hot tool. The infrared technology harnesses the power of negative ions to lock in moisture to create soft styles, for a smooth and glossy finish – clinically proven to cause zero damage. The aloe infused bristles increase shine by 47% and reduce frizz by 35% – solving common hair concerns with just one attachment. It’s meant to be used on dry hair to ensure the best results and all-day volume! Infrared Bounce Brush: $98 BondiBoost.com.
  9. I got a Series 7 Apple Watch this year and it is really changing my life. Not only am I paying more attention to my sleep and logging fitness, but I’m more present in conversations by keeping the phone in my purse. If a kid texts, a quick glance tells me if it’s urgent. Definitely good for both mental and physical health. Amazon has refurbished ones, such as this 7 series with GPS + Cellular on sale for $399.99.
  10. One of my secret pleasures is a little boutique in Toronto called Snapdragon. While I don’t have any fabulous beach vacations planned for their amazing resortwear collection, the accessories and cute giftwares get me every time. These Archivist Gallery matches will make anyone want to keep a candle lit. Archivist Gallery Luxury Square Match Box: 17.95 (online order available).


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